The Guns You Need to Hunt


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    Published on Sep 29, 2023
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    What's going on Hive! I am still new and need to find the sweet spot for my videos. As I make more posts I'll be able to organize my thoughts better. I also want to provide more useful information than I have been providing. If I appear to be all over the place and skipping around and out of order with my thoughts, I am. I am used to giving this information in a college lecture format. The subject I cover in this post usually would take up hours of instruction and review along the way. Instead I am trying to short hand my lessons to a twenty minute video.

    So here we go! In America to be able to hunt everything you don't need an arsenal of guns. In fact you only NEED one gun if you get down to it, but we'll get to that later. There will be three guns to complete your hunting collection. The factors that make you decide on which gun to use will depend on the environment, size/distance of the animal, and species of animal.

    First gun we will go over is your small game rifle. You want to use rifles when hunting. There will be very few times when a sidearm will be better. This will be your 17 and 22 caliber rounds or anything that resembles an elongated pill. The reason for the small caliber bullet is to preserve meat. Bullets spin while traveling through the air. This creates a pockets of outward pressure to come off the bullet when entering the target. A large round could destroy a small animal. Remember that all guns can kill you. Even these small rounds. You might not be sniped off with one but a shot in your eye from fifty yards or a chest shot at thirty would definitely do the trick. If you are in an area tight with houses and large game animals are near, as long as it doesn't possess thick fur to stop the small round you'll be able to hunt them as well.

    This gun is a 30-30. It's actually called “The gun that won the west”. It was and still is the preferred rifle for cowboys and farm workers. This is actually my favorite gun. It was basically a gift from Solominer. It's actually a special kind of rifle. In America it used to be, I don't know if it still is, that gun makers would only use locally obtained materials. This means that certain factories used better materials. Marlin rifles with a “JM” stamp on the barrel is worth three to ten times more than a rifle without. It's actually considered to be a mid-range rifle. Most mid-range rifles are called so, not because they can only shoot things mid-range which is accurately shooting up to 100 yards, but because they can't reach past 300 yards without having to make adjustments for gravity. I can shoot up to 300 yards accurately with the 30-30. I am an exceptional marksman with it and most would not take a shot past 150-200 yards. You don't need to reach that far on a regular basis. A rifle that can reach 100 yards is more than enough for most American hunters.

    Last but not least is the shotgun! This is probably the most versatile hunting gun you'll buy in America. What makes a shotgun so versatile is the projectiles that are fired from it. Rather than a bullet the shotgun uses a cartridge shell. The shotgun round is also not calibered but gauged. The number of the gauge means that's how many metal Bbs it would take to make a pound. The shotgun allows you to fire a plethora of sizes, number of BBs, and grain. A shot gun can also fire what is called a slug, this would be a single solid piece of metal taking up the entire volume of the shell. In the video I say that buckshots are bigger. I was wrong, there's just more Bbs and more gunpowder.

    I hope this post was better with length and information and quality.

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