Culture (Music + Dance) = Fun!!!


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    Published on Oct 24, 2022
    About :





    If I should apply for a position in the department of Procrastination, I believe I will be an eligible and qualified candidate; in fact, I may be made the Head of Procrastination Department.

    Or do I have a worthy opponent?

    Speak now! Or forever hold your peace!

    Naaaa! I don’t think I do.

    On Thursday, 26th May 2022 (5 months ago), I attended a Cultural Event organized by the Youth of my past school’s Chaplaincy. It was an event specially set up to celebrate the different cultural groups that make up our small group.


    I know what's in your mind, just say it! Dont be shy!


    I dont care about his face, since my face is fine, that suffices.

    We had the following cultural groups fully or “halfly” (partially) represented:

    • The Yorubas of the South Western part of Nigeria
    • The Igbos of the South Eastern part of Nigeria
    • The Hausa/Fulani of the Northern part of Nigeria
    • The South-South Group of Nigeria (Edo, Delta)
    • The Middle-Belt region of Nigeria
    • A smaller cultural group from East Africa.


    Alright, let’s slow down a bit.

    On the day we had this event, I was fired up and I couldn’t wait for the event to end in order to share my experience with this lovely family.

    My plan was to edit the different videos I made, and publish a beautiful post with lovely pictures about my experience. I planned on doing this the next day...

    ...the Next day should be 27th May, but today is 18th October.

    Well, it seems I just woke up to reality today.

    Oh sorry, another procrastination spotted.

    I began writing this post on the 18th of October, and now today is 24th October.

    Honestly, I remain the undisputed procrastination champion.


    I sincerely appreciate @mipiano for sharing her wonderful experience of the Workshop which turned to mini-carnival. Her experience truly woke me up from my DEEP slumber, and it reminded me to keep my promise.

    Making this post at this time is somehow difficult for me because some images and videos I collected are no where to be found on my mobile phone, so I will try to recreate a lite version of what I intended to do.



    Truly, Culture is a way of Life. It involves the beliefs, world view, ideals, thought pattern, music, dance, food, clothing, trade and language of a given society.


    That definition is faulty!

    Culture involves the Food, Food, Food, Food and Food, with a teaspoon of Music and a pinch of Dance.

    Prove me wrong!


    You thought you'd see a picture of me and Food, right? Hehehehe, DJ @obaro play me "You never See me Coming" by Asake

    In the technical definition of Culture, as I CORRECTLY expressed, Culture is 90% Food, 6% Music, 2% Dance and other things share the 1%.

    In as much as I'd love to speak about the major component of Culture (Food), this post will be dedicated to the minor components Music and Dance, also not devoid of food.



    As I said earlier, the event was a small one, organized for our small group to celebrate the different cultural groups.

    We began the celebration with the Holy Mass, spicing the liturgy with music from the different cultural groups. At the end, all groups had their special thanksgiving.

    After the Mass, everyone went out, as usual, to gist (amebo) and prepare for the Reception (especially the part for eating)



    While we were outside misbehaving and looking for trouble, the first set of noise makers came on board.

    The Ogené Group.

    Have you heard of Ogené before?

    The Ogené music is a traditional musical genre of the Igbos (South Eastern part of Nigeria).

    This Musical style is performed with the use of certain traditional instruments like Ogené, Oja (local flute), Udu, Ekwe, Ichaka and Igba, among others.

    If you want to see their pictures you can check this out.

    However, some of these instruments can be seen in the .gif below.

    Project_10-17_HD 720p_MEDIUM_FR30_4.gif

    So, the Ogené singers sing nonsense most times... coughs that's not what I mean.

    The major concern of the Ogené music is the beat and dance, and most times it is performed without songs. And other times, the songs are just for gyration.

    That's why @cammy-cardo was just jumping up and down in the .gif, and for your information, my head isn't big.



    Just like I said earlier, I lost so many pictures, so I don't have the pictures I took with Rihanna, Jay-Z, Snoop Dog and many other International celebrities who attended the event.

    You need to believe me when I say I took pictures with them.

    If not because I don't have the pictures on my phone again, I won't need to beg you all to believe me.


    When we got into the reception hall, we had lots of programs. But, the first cultural group to present was the South South Group. @onos-f @merit.ahama and @hopestylist, your village people oooooo.

    Project_10-17_HD 720p_MEDIUM_FR30_3.gif

    One important thing you need to know about this music is that if you don't eat well, you won't be able to dance it well.

    It requires 💯 ENERGY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



    This is the part that I will advice my mentors @starstrings01 and @josediccus to really pay close attention to.

    It is important

    Project_10-17_HD 720p_MEDIUM_FR30_1.gif

    Okay, I have nothing more to say!



    Well, some people said the noise of this Yoruba group was too much. But me, what do I know? My own is to eat all the food provided by all the cultural groups.

    Project_10-17_HD 720p_MEDIUM_FR30_2.gif

    This was the highlight of their presentation.

    Disclaimer: This group was called or rented to perform at the event.


    If you care to watch the small video mix I did, I tried to cut the remaining videos I had small small so that I don't have to publish a 1 hour video.

    Also, we ran some background commentaries at some point, so bear with us... hahaha.

    If you are still wondering what my title mean:

    Culture (Music + Dance) = Fun!!!

    It is simple

    Cultural Music and Dance is FUN!


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