Gods Unchained - Battles, excitement and 2 open packs


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    Published on Dec 29, 2021
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    Hello good night everyone! I'm here again to talk about Gods Unchained, it became a fever in the BR (Brazil) community and on our discord server everyone is excited to play and make their posts about their plays and ratings about the game.

    I made a video showing how to use the deck I created, which I talked about yesterday! It was an insane match and in the end I won, but I took a good hit from my opponent. I recorded the video using Streamlabs and I didn't put any music or anything like that, it's just to get the sounds inside the game.

    As it's my first recording, it might not have been wonderful, but I'll try my best to improve with each shot and post!

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    I played a few games today and managed to climb 2 levels, now I'm at level 19! I had forgotten how much fun Gods Unchained is! Even more so playing with a deck I built from scratch.

    I opened two packs today in one of them an epic letter came out, but unfortunately I missed the print. Another detail is that even opening 2 packs, my cards went from 217 to 220, so this suggests that the number of unique cards I have is shown.


    2 Open Packs

    I opened 2 packs today, 1 for every level I went up, from level 17 to 19. Unfortunately I missed the print of the first pack, but I got an epic card: Ballista!


    A tip for improving the game, on the screen where I can see the cards, I could, by hovering over the card, inform what the keywords are, as well as how it works within a game, bolding that keyword maybe it's interesting too.

    In this example imagining that I am a new user, I would have no idea what is backline or ability, of course it must have been explained in the tutorial, I don't remember, but for someone who has gone months without playing, come back now and not know what the card makes is kind of complicated.

    I think it's a very interesting improvement and obviously I have my compliments, the filter options are clear and easy to use, I can practically find the card I want in a matter of seconds!

    In the other pack came the following cards:


    The Deck I Used

    The link to the deck I created: https://gudecks.com/decks/3830



    It's not the best of decks, but I actually have to refine it better. The idea is to have pressure on the field all the time with afterlife skills, even if you remove your monsters, you will have some more on the field, some roars help to buff your fighters.

    I got all the cards in the game without buying anything, so I started fitting and building the deck. Feel free to take the idea and come up with something more consistent.


    The heroic power I like to take the cost 2, where you destroy those who have 1 life and recover 1 life, so using it wisely you can survive a little longer, against agros for example.

    I'm excited to improve this deck, I'm going to create some copies and try to make something even more fun!


    I love a card game, and the way the GU is presented is amusingly awesome! That power to create your deck, epic battles and situations that seem lost but you can turn around give gaming a special taste.

    I want to play more and learn a lot more about the game! See you next time guys.

    If you want to learn more about HIVE games, you can start playing:

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