Skyweaver - 46 min Gameplay + My Impressions


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    Published on Jan 06, 2022
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    Hi guys how are you? Today I came to introduce you to a new TCG game: Skyweaver. Maybe some already know, but I had played a little a few months ago, I don't remember exactly, but it seems that there was a reset in the game.

    So I performed a gameplay of about 46 minutes, to show a bit of the game and its mechanics. I don't usually do recordings with my speech as I don't speak English natively, but I will start generating game content soon.


    This is my profile, so far I've only been playing discovery mode, in which you select a hero and with that the game gives you a pre-assembled deck to play.


    Rank System

    This gameplay was focused on playing the ranked games and I even conquered my first rank: Recruit. The screenshot shows the entire rank system and I'm still figuring out how it works. Apparently, we didn't drop in rank, we just stayed where we got, so in case I lose again and again I won't go back to Wanderer, but that's something I'll confirm yet.



    There are 15 heroes, each with their own “prism”, with 5 options: strength, agility, wisdom, heart and intellect. The heroes don't have a heroic power or anything like that, what makes them different is that each one has 1 or 2 prisms, so there is a hero that only has strength and another hero that has strength and agility, for example.


    Why is that? The cards also have their respective prism, so you can only use X card with the X hero that has the same prism.


    In our example with Fire Noble, I highlighted where your prism shows. There is a bookstore option, where you can see your cards and their stats. I also highlight the level of organization that the game gives us, in addition to the beauty of the art of the cards and the entire interface.

    Play to Earn

    Touching lightly on the subject, the P2E (play to earn) market is based on cards, that is, you can release all the cards in the game just by playing and leveling up (I'll confirm that) which are called “base” cards.

    The trade takes place with the same cards, but with the silver and gold border, where the silver ones have a value and the golden ones an even greater value.

    I'm reading and learning about the game, but as far as I know, you win the silver cards playing ranked, I just don't understand if each rank you get gives you a number of cards or if you have to get to the top link.

    The golden ones you need a ticket to play a kind of arena, where you play until you win 3 times or lose 1, the screenshot below shows exactly how it works. Ticket can be purchased for 1.5 USDC or 1 silver card.



    I am delighted with this game! For its beauty and organization and I dare say that so far it's the most beautiful blockchain game I've ever seen. So far I'm not worried about its profitability or anything like that, as a lover of games and especially cards, I'm enjoying every moment of learning on Skyweaver.

    The working networks are Ethereum and Polygon

    The wallet, so far you use the “Sequence Wallet”, I don't know if there is an integration with others like MetaMask, for example.

    More information can be obtained from the oficial website

    If you want to learn more about HIVE games, you can start playing:

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