The VWBT Presents: Maeva's water world at MegaRace. || MegaRace for MS-DOS. || Gameplay & Mini-guide #2.


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    Published on May 25, 2021
    About :

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    -| Hey fellows, first of all. Blessings for all of you.

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    MegaRace is a video game that belongs to the racing genre, which was released for the MS-DOS platform in 1993 by its developer team belonging to the developer CRYO, in addition, later a version was released for the SEGA CD system. This videogame is one of the pioneers in terms of 3D pre-rendering technology, and it is also important to highlight the fact that this videogame has a total of more than 20 minutes of video material, referring to presentations and indications made by the virtual host of the VWBT "Lance Boyle".

    MegaRace is a video game set in a dystopian future, where the most popular entertainment of the moment is under the command of a mega entertainment corporation called VWBT (Virtual World Broadcast Television). As I mentioned before, the entertainment of the moment is none other than MegaRace, where everything will be centred around "virtual" life and death races against outlaw car gangs and criminals on the road. MegaRace also combines action and arcade elements, making it a very versatile and adaptable video game for a wide range of gamers and their different tastes in the gaming industry.

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    Mini-guide #2.

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    As we can see in the first image shown, WBMT has a planetary reach through its large satellite network, which makes it possible to broadcast the Megarace show to all parts of the world.

    Desktop 25-05-2021 05-42-23 a.m.-369.jpg

    Welcome to Maeva! The aquatic city that was inspired by the well-known legend of Atlantis, as told by Mega Race host Lance Boyle. In this close-up we can clearly see that Maeva is a city that is submerged under the sea. The only thing is that although the city was wonderful, this in reference to Maeva, it was also quite wet, as you would expect.

    Desktop 25-05-2021 05-42-41 a.m.-806.jpg

    But we will not suffer from the humidity problems that the watery city of Maeva suffers from, as we will move through the highly advanced Aqua-tubes, which function as an underwater highway, and where the MegaRace race will take place. These aqua-tubes are transparent in almost all their composition, something that makes it much easier to appreciate the maritime environment of the city of Maeva.

    Desktop 25-05-2021 05-43-17 a.m.-692.jpg

    Another striking aspect of Maeva and its innovative aqua-tubes is that when moving through them, at certain moments the trajectory will turn almost in the opposite direction to gravity. It is not for nothing that Lance warns us that in Maeva's aquatic paths we will be defying death and gravity.

    Desktop 25-05-2021 05-43-45 a.m.-721.jpg

    Lance points out that the city of Maeva did not have any speed gangs, so they had to find a speed gang for the city for the sole purpose of running the MegaRace programme. This gang is known as The Sharks.

    Desktop 25-05-2021 05-44-23 a.m.-419.jpg

    The leader of the speed gang is Hammerhead, in reference to a Hammerhead shark, well, that's at least my guess. So, let's select our car...

    Desktop 25-05-2021 05-44-58 a.m.-647.jpg

    As can be seen in the image above, for this race we are supplied with a new model of car, which we can choose from this race onwards. This new car is known as Ramon ha ha. Well as we have been able to observe here in MegaRace the cars have names of people.

    Ramon's stats are very interesting, among them: his 3 laser guns and good damage resistance.

    By the way, it is important to mention that this car (Ramon) is the car model used by the members of the NewSan Speedgang.

    Also, as far as I can see, we will get the car models used by the speedgangs of each new city we visit. After defeating them.

    Desktop 25-05-2021 05-45-24 a.m.-161.jpg

    Well, now let's get to the tips:

    a) Starting the Maeva race, we will notice the great speed that the Sharks' cars have, due to the fact that accelerating my new car at full throttle made it very difficult for me to catch up with them, so I had to use the acceleration arrows that are available on the road, and you will also have to use the acceleration arrows that are available on the road.

    Desktop 25-05-2021 05-46-12 a.m.-619.jpg

    b) Don't despair at first, when you start to notice how fast the sharks are in front of you, on the contrary, I recommend that you stay calm and focus on using the acceleration arrows on the road to catch up with them. After catching up with them, it won't be too difficult to eliminate them, because although they are usually very fast, the sharks' cars are quite lightly armoured.

    Note: Shark cars, although very fast, are very weak to damage, as they are so agile and light, they lack armour susceptible to damage.

    Desktop 25-05-2021 05-47-42 a.m.-750.jpg

    c) In this new circuit a new element will be available, which I have pointed out to you in the image above, because this race element is the "Shield", which has the function of providing our car with a temporary protection against the cars of the other competitors. So watch out for these shields if they are necessary for you.

    d) These Shield elements are very good when you are ahead of one of the other cars, as they can also shoot at you if you overuse the throttle shaft and get ahead of them. In addition, these Shields are also very useful in cases where you run out of ammunition, as they allow you to ram rival cars without taking any damage.

    Desktop 25-05-2021 05-48-37 a.m.-345.jpg

    As you can see in my gameplay, I eventually ran out of ammo and had to ram the leader of the Sharks, Hammerhead, in order to defeat them and win the Maeva track.

    e) If you run out of ammo, the only option you have left to defeat the rival cars is to ram them, the only problem is that by ramming them your car will also take a lot of damage. Try to ram the other cars only when you have no way to reload ammo during the race, such as in the Aquatubes race, where there is no ammo reload option.

    Note 2: A negative feature of this car (Ramon) is that it does not have much ammo storage capacity.

    Desktop 25-05-2021 05-49-35 a.m.-866.jpg

    Desktop 25-05-2021 05-49-17 a.m.-121.jpg

    And to our disappointment, the prize we received for beating the Sharks is another watch identical to the one we won after beating NewSan. Let's see if they give us a more interesting prize in the next race...

    As an interesting fact which I got from the user manual that the original copy of MegaRace has under the video game house GoG, is that the construction of the Maeva track had a cost of 20 billion dollars for the guys of the VWBT.

    That's it for today, see you at the next race, enforcer.

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    My previous mini Guides about MegaRace:

    Well this is all for today, fellows. I hope you like this format of post made it by me, he he i know that it's some experimental kind.

    See you on the next video, fellows gamers.

    This videogame is being played on The Emulator Dos-Box

    All the images showed on this post are taken from my pc Screen.

    You can follow me at @paultactico2

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