WATP #11 Reward - Ate Bitiliana Receiving Her HBD22.812


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    Published on Oct 06, 2020
    About :

    Hello Hive!

    This is @ybanezkim26, guest presenter of last week's feature of #whoaretheyphilippines. As many of you have been aware by now, there will be a feature every week and whatever is the accumulated amount from the feature post and from your contributions will be turned over to the featured person a week after. I was honored to feature Ate Bitiliana last week and it's time to present to you the turnover of the reward.

    Before the turnover, I would like to reiterate the new format which was just rolled out last week. The payout is usually included in the latest feature and the video will be posted a few days later, but it was decided that the turnover of the reward post will be separated from the feature post. The video and the turnover will be posted together which made more sense.

    Anyway, it's time for Ate Bitiliana's reward.

    Ate Bitiliania, the Malunggay and Lemongrass Seller, was featured in WATP #11. The payout of the feature was Sunday morning. Laarni (@discoveringarni) immediately emailed me the total amount which was converted into Philippine peso. The night before, we already agreed with @iamyohann that I will just use my own money for the turnover and he would just send me the total HIVE and HBD on Sunday night as reimbursement.

    Here is the breakdown for Bitiliana's contributions and payout:

       HBD 2.867 from post payout
    + HBD 3.000 from @discoveringarni
    + HBD 3.000 from @kayceeports2020
    + HBD 3.000 from @ybanezkim26
    + HBD 2.000 from @wandergirl
    + HBD 2.000 from @romeskie
    + HBD 1.000 from @iamraincrystal
    + HBD 1.000 from @iamyohann
    + HBD 1.000 from @viking-ventures

    = HBD 18.867

       HIVE 4.950 from @wandergirl (HBD 0.85 at the time received)
    + HIVE 5.000 from @jurich60 (HBD 0.891 at the time received)
    + HIVE 5.500 from @macchiata (HBD 0.884 at the time received)
    + HIVE 5.000 from @thegaillery (HBD 0.791 at the time received)
    + HIVE 2.970 from @glecerioberto (HBD 0.529 at the time received)

    = HIVE 23.420 (HBD 3.945)

    Total = HBD 22.812

    The total amount converted was Php 1,060.00, but Laarni emailed me again that because of the discrepancy of the conversion at Coingecko, it was actually Php 1,065.00 when rounded up.

    Our agreement with Ate Bitiliana was that I would be back on Sunday at around the same time when I had an interview with her. So, I decided to prepare at around 4:00 PM and went immediately to Lovers at around 4:30 PM. I saw her harvesting malunggay, lemongrass, and a sponge gourd. She said it would be for their dinner. Watch the video for the details.

    What struck me was when I asked her what would she use the money for. She answered that she would buy medicine for her eyes. She said it was cataract. I didn't ask further for the details, but she was very thankful for the amount she received.

    Please don't mind my awkwardness in the video. It was my first time to do something like that. Maybe I'll detail everything about my perspective in a post, but for now, I would like to express my sincerest gratitude to those who continue their support for the project. I hope you'll be blessed in everything that you do. Your contributions have gone a long way to help on random person in need.

    Thank you so much for your support! If you haven't done yet, you can contribute to Kuya Alexous' feature for this week. You can find the post here: WATP #12 Feature - Meet Alexous the Fisherman.

    I'll now turnover this to @iamyohann. Thank you very much for the enriching experience!

    Status on the current contributions:

    ContributorTotal ContributionUsed ContributionRemaining Contribution
    HBD 34.010
    HBD 32.010
    HBD 2.000
    HBD 30.000
    HBD 26.000
    HBD 4.000
    HBD 27.751
    HBD 25.751
    HBD 2.000
    HBD 20.000
    HBD 8.000
    HBD 12.000
    HBD 18.000
    HBD 11.000
    HBD 7.000
    HBD 15.700
    HBD 12.750
    HBD 2.950
    HBD 13.162
    HBD 13.162
    HBD 0.000
    HBD 10.953
    HBD 5.953
    HBD 5.000
    HBD 2.884
    HBD 2.884
    HBD 0.000
    HBD 0.891
    HBD 0.891
    HBD 0.000
    HBD 0.791
    HBD 0.791
    HBD 0.000
    HBD 0.529
    HBD 0.529
    HBD 0.000
    Tags :

    whoaretheyphilippines watp life philippines reward

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