WATP #19 Reward - Norito receiving his HBD28.654 + HIVE27


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    Published on May 01, 2021
    About :

    Hello #Hive!

    Time for another #WhoAreTheyPhilippines reward giving!

    The #WhoAreTheyPhilippines or #WATP initiative consists of randomly finding a person to interview and feature in a post. After 7 days, when the post payout and all the contributions have been tallied, we go back to that person and hand him/her over the reward. A few days later, we post the video of that moment.

    Norito's HBD + HIVE Reward

    Norito was the feature of WATP #19. The author reward came in yesterday morning.

    So here is the breakdown for his reward:

       HBD   9.654 from post payout
    + HBD 10.000 from @fronttowardenemy
    + HBD   5.000 from @discoveringarni
    + HBD   1.000 from @bigtom13
    + HBD   1.000 from @iamraincrystal
    + HBD   1.000 from @iamyohann
    + HBD   1.000 from @romeskie

    = HBD 28.654

    + HBD 10.000 from @sagadahoctrott
    + HBD 10.000 from @ybanezkim26
    + HBD   7.000 from @trangbaby

    = HIVE 27.000

    Both amounts converted into the local currency was 2,303.78 + 819.72 = PHP 3,123.5 so it was rounded up to PHP 3,125 to make it easier.

    Yesterday afternoon I went back to his place to hand over the money. A friend of mine accompanied me for the journey and helped me with filming. We were welcomed by his eldest daughter Jody-Ann and Norito, who was in the adjacent field working, joined us soon after.

    Watch the video to see the moment when Norito received the reward.

    Here is a picture of Norito with the reward in his hands.
    He is not showing much emotions because I believe he was still trying to understand what was happening and whether or not it was real. He was very thankful nonetheless, and so was the rest of his family. As of today, that amount is the highest I have ever handed over to 1 person and is equivalent to about 10+ days of work for a non skilled worker in the local area, so it is definitely a great help for him and his family.

    Once again, thank you everyone for participating in his reward and especially the above mentioned persons for their contributions. And thank you @discoveringarni for the video editing.

    I'd like to call on the regular contributors to contact me if they are interested to do a feature so that #WATP can reach a different areas of the Philippines. So far we did a feature in Mandaue city, Cebu (by @ybanezkim26) and one in Taguig City, Manila (by @romeskie). It could be interesting to see another place.

    See you soon for our next interviewee!

    Status on the current contributions:

    Because I have been receiving more HIVE contributions recently, I have decided to review all the past features and donations and record them all as HBD and HIVE instead of HBD only. This is the reason why the numbers below have discrepancies with the numbers showed in the previous posts, specifically for @iamyohann and @ybanezkim26 who have donated both HBD and HIVE so far.

    ContributorTotal ContributionUsed ContributionRemaining Contribution
    HBD 60.000
    HBD 58.000
    HBD 2.000
    HBD 34.000
    HBD 31.000
    HBD 3.000
    HBD 30.000
    HBD 22.000
    HBD 8.000
    HBD 25.162
    HBD 25.162
    HBD 0.000
    HBD 20.000
    HBD 20.000
    HBD 0.000
    HBD   4.000
    HBD   4.000
    HBD 0.000
    HIVE 132.378
    HIVE 132.378
    HIVE   0.000
    HIVE   20.000
    HIVE     0.000
    HIVE 20.000
    HIVE   14.000
    HIVE   14.000
    HIVE   0.000
    HIVE   10.000
    HIVE   10.000
    HIVE   0.000
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    whoaretheyphilippines watp life philippines reward

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