Completing SNES games - Donkey Kong Country: Diddy's Kong Quest World 4


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    Published on Dec 18, 2021
    About :

    This world's about to get crazy up in here

    This is game #21 in my series for completing SNES games using an emulator and ROMs.

    In part 4 of the game Donkey Kong Country 2: Diddy's Kong Quest the best world is what I have reached, Krazy Kremland with it's awesome levels starting with Hornet Hole. A stage designed like the inside of a beehive meaning you will find a whole heap of bees waiting for you but also sticky honey which can become troublesome if your kongs get stuck and then hit by something.
    Moving on from one great level to another is Target Terror, a roller coaster level which requires you to smash the barrels with a tick on them to open up the way or you will regret it! Don't forget to avoid the ones with a cross or you will see what happens if you get it, in the video.

    Ah Bramble Blast with the melodic and relaxing music as you move about the vines while trying to not touch them and lose one of your kongs... but embrace the challenge and enjoy using Squawk the parrot to flap about the level.
    Then you get the Rickety Race level which is another roller coaster one. You will be zooming about a lot faster and your eyes will need mass focus as you concentrate on jumping the gaps and taking out the Klanks so you can hopefully win and get a DK coin! It is such a well done level and one of my favourites just with the challenge, skill required and how different it is to normal levels in the game.

    Mudhole Marsh takes me back to the swamp for one time here and it is filled with some spinning creature that you sometimes need to use to throw you up in the air to get items. Overall it is a fun level and keeps with the challenge rising throughout the game.

    Finally before the boss is the second beehive level Rambi Rumble, nothing like enjoying another one of these and just listen to that new music go, pumping you up! Don't let King Zing Sting give your Rambi a sting in the ass like it does to me for my mistake, well... it was the head but you are meant to be running from it in this level.

    Time for the boss King Zing Sting which I happen to die on a couple of times. Now I was stupid to make those mistakes but I accept I got bested when Zing went to the top and I should have realised it would. But after some tries and keeping going with those Squawks hits to the stinger numerous times along with killing off the bees, it was over with, world 4 was complete and world 5 was waiting as we are nearing the end of the game with only 2 worlds left before facing King K. Rool!

    Streamlabs OBS used for recording and setting the scene with SNES font, my avatar and the game picture for what I am playing.

    Emulator used: RetroArch
    ROMS: They are the games
    Saving: Using emulator saving between levels or occasionally in tough parts so I don't always die and repeat so then the game can get completed.

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