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    Published on Feb 23, 2021
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    Should I stay or should I go?

    I should just share this song and go... But no, miss mipiano, as some would call me, showed herself as a brave piano player and accepted the challenge not challenge, again.
    On top of that, @edje asked me "Will you run, or not?" He allowed me to run away, and just not spread the vibes. He also warned me to be prepared and to get my dancing shoes ready for some underground electronic music.. but how could I not spread those vibes coming out right now from my headphones, those lanoche vibes.

    My response to edje's invitation

    You knew that my knowledge about electronic music is thin. It is well known for everyone, as my main occupation is acoustic music. Always have been. I listened to all kind of rock, alternative rock, metal, hard rock music in my younger days, the whole literature of classical music passed through my ears to the grey cells and soul, and I stick to my acoustic piano as profession. Somehow, electronic music was just a passer-by. I do enjoy it, but for example I don't know the current leader musicians from that genre. It is a shame, however this is a great opportunity to learn a bit from those who are expert in this field. For example you, @edje.

    So what did you bring here? I have to admit that my favourite is Sounds of Sonar by Lanoche. I am grateful that you put it as the first, as slow techno to warm up. And I will stay with this one, for three reasons.

    -Firstly, she is a girl, although probably there are many female DJs and musicians from electronic music. I saw some posts by @uwelang and that was cool, we are waiting for more :) But in the past, being a female composer or musician was difficult. They were not supposed to be composers, unfortunately.

    -Secondly, you say Spain. I don't need more!

    -The third reason, this is really so ambiental, I could have it on during the whole day and not be annoyed by excess sound. Is it soul-friendly (did I invent now a new word?) I am listening to this track right now, for the second time while writing this post. It takes me more time than the whole track of 1 hour and 8 minutes. I am wondering if I will need the thirds playing as well. Btw, the track is in F sharp minor, I can not miss the key a song is written... One of the bass motifs is F# F# C# A...Too many pitch determination drills during my studies.


    So, I had an idea to go to the town next to mine, Benidorm, as during normal summers, there are all-night parties. I wanted to dance in one of the long sandy beaches, and prove it with some photo or short video. But, the weather was no so nice. And I had some health issues from yesterday, so I just went to our beach which is mixed, pebbles and sand. The sea was a bit angry, waves covered the sandy part, and a lot of seagulls occupied the dance floor.


    I came to terms with the fact that I wouldn’t be dancing in the sand and that my footprints wouldn’t stay because the waves were coming and going too fast. Finally, I decided to make a foot out of pebbles, which would represent my desire to dance. It's this foot I made of pebbles:


    Dance, dance ... What would be my musical entry?

    A dance, of course. From the Baroque era. Composer? Johann Sebastian Bach. Badinerie, is a dance type from baroque, and it was included as one of the movements in orchestral suites. In original, this badinerie composed by Johann is written for orchestra and flute. To be more close to the era, I decided to play it with the sound of harpsichord, that is integrated in my Yamaha Clavinova piano. I recorded it this morning, using my new toy, audio interface. In this same video I play two times, the first as sound of harpsicord as I already said and the second time is with the sound of piano. I made it in two versions as you can compare the sound and see how playing on the piano I can control the dynamics, and with harpsicord that is not possible. So, here comes Badinerie, composed by Johann Sebastian Bach.

    I invite the following hivers to spread the vibes.

    @amico, my dear friend who just needs some incentive to bring here to the blockchain a big surprise. You don't have any excuses anymore! Spread the vibes, Matteo!

    @uwelang, I hope you have nothing against this call, if you have time, spread the vibes with some of your DJ music or whatever you feel this badinerie can tell you.

    @manujune, I know you have many homework and things to study, but I miss your singing and violin playing. If you consider, spread the vibes and come and rock, girl!

    This is now not the first post with Challenge Not Challenge, Spread the
    Vibes. You may see it already, but if not, there are some guidelines we could stick to...

    If you respond to this invitation

    -post your reaction to the music that was shared with you
    -your musical choice and your story or personal experience
    -invite other hive users to spread the music vibes
    -link to the post where you are invited

    Your post has to include the tags #spreadthevibes and #music. You can post in any community you want :)

    The whole idea is engagement and spreading our feelings, personal experiences... making stronger relationships here in HIVE, through the medium of music. So, are you willing to spread the vibes?

    The launch post is recommended to visit here

    Thank you edje for the second round :) In the first round you got two out of three, so do I :) Hopefully we will hear some of the invites, I am really intersted to hear something that @drumoperator could bring as response to your post. You will let me know how did you like my response, please, don't be kind lol, I need some critiques how to improve!

    P.S. I needed three times to listen to lanoche track to finish this writing. Bravo to my slow writing. And sorry everyone for the possible multiple notifications of the mention, I will have to edit the post after some minutes, as don't I want the video in the beginning of the post, but posting through speak it automatically appears there. Sorry again 🙏
    Challenge Not Challenge - Spread the Vibes is ON!!!!!

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