Lyrical Takedown of the Empire of Lies | R.A. The Rugged Man - Malice of Mammon (music video, lyrics


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    Published on Nov 02, 2022
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    The number of independent musicians voicing powerful anti-establishment messages in their lyrics continues to grow exponentially as humanity continues to awaken to the inherently corrupt, deceitful and destructive nature of the western corporate imperial power structure, with an increasing number and diversity of quality tunes absolutely tearing down the empire of lies upon which this prison planet matrix system is built upon. There is a global revolution underway, and the fast-growing independent music scene is playing just one of many important parts of this freedom movement, powerful voices of resistance being heard both in the streets and in the lyrics of ever popular independent music. Here is just one of the latest, and one of the best in my opinion, in terms of decimating the empire of lies with the simple, undeniable truth clearly illuminating the main root of the problem - greed, the love of money more than the love for fellow human life on earth.

    Here's to rapper R.A. The Rugged Man, Chuck D, and another anti-establishment lyrical masterpiece - 'Malice of Mammon'. Enjoy the listen!


    Money make the globe turn
    Money make the globe turn
    Reach! (money)
    Money make the globe turn (money)
    Money make the globe turn
    I get money

    [R.A. The Rugged Man]
    Power to override government by corporate elitists
    The corporations write laws that government keep secret
    Private prisons keep you in damn chains
    While funding legislators, judges and presidential campaigns
    Government propaganda appear pompous
    But science is not science when theories is funded by fearmongers (money)
    Warmongerin' and profitin' off of corpses is morbid
    The poor get deported
    The middle class get extorted
    It's corporate, the criminals are those the IRS won't audit
    Ponzi scheme make the cake off it, Bernie Made off it
    We celebrate givin' thanks, having parades at Macy's
    While we invade lands, bomb hospitals and kill babies
    Mutilate human life, make hate, lie, take, rob, steal, law break, kidnap, murder, rape, for the money

    Money make the globe turn
    Money make the globe turn
    Reach! (money)
    Money make the globe turn (money)
    Money make the globe turn
    Reach for it!

    [Chuck D]
    Its ain't worth the paper it's printed on
    Backed by the Pentagon
    Ass kickin' going on (money)
    Gross National Product
    Meaning war is the answer
    Another missile

    [R.A. The Rugged Man]
    Officer overseer gun kill nightstick choke hold ya
    Klan hero, Margaret Sanger, population controller
    Eugenicist globe-owner, You can buy shares
    Operation depopulation, the Bill Gates billionaires
    Speaking prejudice from tongue, where the venomous come from
    And the heretics scum run, beget Genesis 1:1
    The government become God, bomb mosques and burn churches
    Kill for black liquid beneath the Earth's surface
    DDT in the 1940s
    Now it's genetically modified organisms created in laboratories
    Toxic edible chemicals poisoning the nation
    Cause Monsanto runs the Food and Drug Administration
    Contaminate your DNA, Agent Orange inventors
    Responsible for murdering 4 of my family members
    I chase J.P. more 'till he's gone
    Tell Wells how far I go
    And keep your circus-act sideshow
    Fuck the money!

    Money make the globe turn
    Money make the globe turn
    Reach! (money)
    Money make the globe turn (money)
    Money make the globe turn
    Reach for it!

    [Chuck D]
    Accountants, bean counters, lawyers changed the planet
    The workers, players and the artists go, "dammit"
    How high you jump for this dollar?
    Bust a light
    It's God you trust for this paper, right?
    Reach for it!

    [R.A. The Rugged Man]
    Encore when the bars from the God roar
    Bombs galore
    Strategic tactician soldiers in the art of war
    Police with fire hoses harmin' the poor
    Military designated regions in the city, part of martial law
    Doctors prescribin' pills for non-existent conditions
    'Cause pharmaceutical companies are in bed with the physicians
    Push false diagnosis-es and drug your brains
    Make Pablo Escobar's drug hustle look like chump change
    No need for discipline, feed the children Adderall and Ritalin
    Prescription medicine, synthetic heroin and Dexedrine
    Use your kids as guinea pigs, their mind and bodies
    Turn 'em into drug induced suicidal zombies
    Hit like a plane in the sky when it fly in the tower
    The more afraid people are the more government gain power
    That's why I'm fighting that power
    Like Mr Chuck Ridenhour
    When I'm riding I'm arrivin' like on the island of Okinawa
    Fuck the money!

    Money make the globe turn
    Money make the globe turn
    Reach! (money)
    Money make the globe turn (money)
    Money make the globe turn
    Reach for it! (I get money)
    Money make the globe turn
    Money make the globe turn (I get money)
    Money make the globe turn (money)
    -globe turn
    I get money
    -globe turn
    I get money

    [Chuck D]
    Money talks, but God left the room...

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