The Psychology of Oppression: The People's Truth Interview With Henna Maria


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    Published on Nov 11, 2021
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    In this truly enlightening interview on The People's Truth, Henna Maria breaks down the psychology of oppression, and how the Covid agenda was always about the control and enslavement of humanity, not safety.

    Aired in April I believe, it appears to have since been censored from YouTube, and is just as relavent today as it was then. And chief among those tactics, the primary method used by the path of darkness, is convincing the people to willingly give up their power to the cult. Until we realize that the only power others have over us is the power we give them, and that the only way this ever ends is when we stop complying, humanity will remain enslaved.

    It's time people wake up and see the truth, that humanity has been taken captive into an extremely unhealthy abusive relationship - with the ruling class. And then we must break free, by taking our power back, the same way a victim of an abusive romantic relationship would - by cutting our ties with the abuser and walking away. But until we are willing to honor the freedom and human rights of those around us, even those we disagree with, we cannot truly be free ourselves.

    As Henna points out, we are simply being treated the same way we as a society treat animals of the factory farming industry who have done us no harm, and those who have effectively imprisoned humanity view us, the common people, the very same way we as a society views the millions of animals destined for slaughter - as sheep or cattle - worth only the profit and benefits we can supply to them and their system, worthless in their eyes the moment we stop contributing to their slave system. On the bright side, all the tyrannical madness has opened millions of people's eyes to the true nature of government, corporate media and Big Pharma, and has served as a powerful catalyst of awakening. This is a war for the minds, hearts and souls of humanity, a war on consciousness, and the choices we make now will determine the future of our planet. Do we wish to live in a world and state of perpetual fear and ignorance, dominated by greed and division, or will we choose love and unite with one another in opposition to the forces of darkness ushering in the dystopian nightmare that is imprisoning the planet?

    The choice is ours, and each of us can only choose ourselves alone. We can give away as much power as we choose, and we can take it back at any point we've had enough. A tyrant may be able to areest, imprison and even put to death those who refuse to submit to their rule, but they cannot force a single soul to comply, and therin lies our power, for the human spirit, once having overcome fear, is indestructible.

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