Vlog #1. All Packed about to Leave Las Vegas!


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    Published on Jan 10, 2022
    About :

    On the road again -
    Just can't wait to get on the road again
    The life I love is making music with my friends
    And I can't wait to get on the road again
    On the road again

    • On the Road Again
      • Willie Nelson

    This video is my first of many videos for threespeak/ Hive. This video is showing my progress with packing my stuff and leaving Las Vegas to Idaho! Tomorrow I will make another video showing my rental car packed and ready to go! Not sure if I am leaving town tomorrow or first thing in the morning.


    I am once again leaving Las Vegas! This is my hometown. I was born in St. George, Utah but since I was One years old I have been a Vegas native. Many times I have left this town that is more apart of me than I would ever like to admit. So many loved ones lost, experiences that I regret and memories I will never forget. I am known by many here as a Union Stagehand that has always had it made. My career is one many would literally beg, borrow or steal to get. However, not many has my work ethic or ability to survive in this cruel and unforgiving desert town. Very few know that I am an orphan of a top cop and experienced corruption on levels that has left me scarred for life. This town has made a survivor out of me. Here, I learned that life is not fair but that God is everywhere even here. I have found Las Vegas to be a trap. Unlimited riches and glory awaits any who are willing to sacrifice their morals and personal sense of identity to assimilate for vanity and quick riches.

    I recently stopped praying to God after many years of doing so. I questioned who I was praying to and stopped. Well, things got dark and fast. I really got depressed and lost in my own mind. I figured why not start praying again? No, I do not read the bible or go to church but I have. I have a personal relationship with God that I can not ignore. So I did a prayer and the universe literally unfolded for me. Opportunities became very clear and present. I got the message to move to Idaho. I was basically told I needed to go to Idaho and continue on with my journey with farming, serving others and onboard people to Hive. One simple prayer and I found myself making the daunting and nerve wrecking decision to go to Idaho.

    That is a little bit of a run down of myself and this journey I am going on. I am going to do really cool things in Idaho. I will be Farming, which is what really brings me joy in life. But I also have the farming communities, cannabis communities and even published writers in Idaho awaiting me to help them with Hive and learning it.


    I have packed my stuff and now ready to venture out into the great unknown with God and the community of Hive by my side. Leaning on faith and the communities of Hive, I will be making this journey to better myself and others.

    This post on Threespeak is raw and uncut with dirty bathroom mirrors in all! Not so ideal is the video quality but that I will improve over time, I promise! I will be sharing my quest for a higher purpose in life on @threespeak and Hive. Once again, I plan on sharing farming content on this account, @dynamicgreentk, all the while onboarding healthy people from healthy communities to The Hive Blockchain!

    Please leave suggestions on what you want to see happen with my daily vlogs. Do you want less words? Longer videos? What are you most interested in seeing in the future, Farming content or my Hive Onboarding attempts? Please Let me know! These videos are even more so for the community of Hive!



    I asked for help editing my post over at @theterminal discord and also for some memes of my picture from this post! @thekittygirl, @stayten and @wesphilbin did as much!

    I asked for help editing my post at the @theterminal discord, which they did! I asked for the to make a meme out of my picture featured here. So @thekittygirl, @stayten and @wesphilbin did so!




    The Terminal Discord

    The primary goal of The Terminal is to answer questions about Hive/Steem, blockchain, cryptocurrency, and Discord. We aim to help folks learn, grow, and find communities where they can thrive. We are like a travel terminal for destinations on the blockchain!


    Pimp Your Post Thursday's at 12pm EST


    What can I say about Shadowspub other than she is the best host on HIVE with the most influence. Shadow only loves to support other people and their hard work. She does a great job hosting this show called, Pimp Your Post Thursdays. I encourage you visit us weekly there at dreemsteem's discord and share your post or other people's ( or bots why not?) posts every Thursday at 12pm Eastern Standard Time!

    The purpose of PYPT is to build community, give people opportunity to share posts with their peers and to get to know each other on voice and in text. Anyone who creates content is welcome to participate.


    Hive SBI: Social Experiment to provide every Hiver with Stake Based Income help us change the world

    @josephsavage has an amazing program called HSBI aka @steembasicincome. Please check it out! I highly recommend! I have around 5000 shares as a member with his Amazing program that will add support to my curation posts on HIVE! He is my most trusted friend on HIVE!

    HSBI discord



    Who does not love NFTs?


    Do you love art and want to get you some NFTs or mint them? Do not be afraid to use my referral link for @nftshowroom or just travel directly to their site!


    Did you know that @hivebuzz has a shop on that sells HIVE Merchandise!?


    HIVEBUZZ's Shop for Hive apparel!

    Sure, I will take your token donations. Why not?


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