Chaos Legion Life Upgrades: Sloan, Uriel, Adelade and others at Silver Max Level


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    Published on May 09, 2023
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    Ahoy, athunderstruck here. I've had some other videos where I upgraded several cards to their max level for Silver league, some like Tarsa even higher than that already. Now it's time to make some upgrades to General Sloan and several Monsters from the Life element in Chaos Legion.

    First I start with my Gold Foil Gargoya Scrapper. I'm keeping this card at 2 speed for now to use as cannon fodder in low mana battles with Reverse Speed ruleset. However I do decide to upgrade it from level 3 to level 4. Its stats stay the same when I upgrade it, but I choose to do this upgrade because I play in Gold league in the Modern format and I do get a penalty for playing this card when it's only at level 3. Still a level 4 too but at least it's less of a penalty.

    Then I'm upgrading my Sunkai Harvest to level 5 so that this card is at the max level for Silver league and won't have a penalty to the battle rewards when I play it in Gold league. I'm keeping the Gold Foil at level 4 to use in those tournaments and brawls.

    For the Stitch Leech I got enough copies of the Gold Foil one to get that one to level 5.

    My Blinding Reflector was already at level 5 for the regular foil and then for the Chaos Knight I already have a Gold Foil copy at level 5 so no upgrades to those for now.

    Celestial Harpy is up next for cards that I'll upgrade. I could decide to keep it at level 3 so it has 2 speed still for a reverse speed ruleset. But I think level 4 with 3 speed is a better middleground for her. Even at 3 speed she still has the Flying-ability to help maybe dodge some attacks if I happen to play her in the Reverse Speed ruleset.

    My Time Mage is already level 5, higher than what I can play with my Summoner currently. I think one time I accidentally bought too much bcx of the card and just got it to level 5 then already.

    I'm upgrading my Portal Spinner to level 4, it gets an extra Ranged attack going from level 3 to 4 so that's a good upgrade.

    Pelacor Arbalest I'm just keeping at level 3 now, I think I'd rather just level him further up once I can play him at least at level 5 so that he gets that Flying ability.

    I decide to then go to my Soulbound Reward cards for the Life element. As you can see my Imperial Knight is already at level 6 as I already upgraded that. It's higher than I can play it right now.

    The most important part here is upgrading my Drybone Barbarian. I've faced it at few times at level 5+ where it has the Retaliate ability and damn that can be devastating when he's Enraged and then Retaliates! I could've already levelled mine but decided to hold out until making this video. I levelled him straight to level 6 now.

    General Sloan is now level 4 so even if the Gold Foil one that I often rent for Brawls etc is expired I'll at least still be able to play her at level 4 now that my own copy is level 4.

    When it comes down to the Epic cards there isn't much to upgrade. I think I wanna keep them at level 2 for now until I can get them to level 4 and well Temporal Master and Dax Paragon were already level 2. It's just Prismologist who I still had to upgrade. I also often have her rented for Brawls etc but the rentals often expire so it's good to have my own copy at level 2.

    So yeah as I mentioned before I often rent some of these cards too to play them in Brawls etc and then they often expire. Sometimes I don't rent them for long. But most of the time when I do rent them for long they end up getting cancelled anyway because of price updates :/ It then really sucks when they've expired and I just wanted to play Uriel and/or Adelade in a battle but find those level 2s missing.

    Now it is time to get my own copies levelled up! So that even if they expire I can still play Adelade Brightwing at level 2 where she gets the Resurrect ability and Uriel the Purifier at level 2 where he gets the Heal ability!

    Vruz with Martyr delegation Giveaway

    Remember I still also have a level 5 Vruz with Martyr ability seasonal delegation Giveaway. You can find the info about it on my most recent End of Season rewards video.

    That's it for this video. Thanks for watching!

    If you haven't signed up for Splinterlands yet and want to check it out, you can do so with my referral link at:

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