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    Published on Sep 20, 2021
    About :

    Glutinous corn is a popular type of corn in Vietnam. Vietnamese people prefer this type of corn to sweet corn. Because during the war, people were very poor and they had to mix corn with potatoes, cassava with some rice to stay alive. This purple corn originated in Dien Bien, where the H-mong people live. In the last century, this corn dish was considered food for the poor, but in recent years this corn has become famous and has become a popular snack for many people. Do you know? Every time I have frees time with a corn, I usually peel the shell of corn kernels lol. I like to eat this part because it is too sweet and soft.

    With this special corn, I will suggest you some delicious dishes:

    • Coconut milk and corn soup
    • Corn and black bean soup
    • Sticky rice with dry onion fat
    • Stir-fried corn with minced meat
    • Stir-fried corn with shrimp
    • Stir-fried corn with beef
    • Crispy fried corn
    • Stir-fried corn with butter (today's dish)
    • Corn rice (today's dish)

    First peel the corn from the cob, soak corn in water for about 4 hours. Then put the corn in the pot, boil it with a little clear lime water. I buy lime powder at market and then mix lime powder with water then dissolve them. Let the corn cool, then pour the corn into the basket and wash the corn several times with water until the seed corn shell falls out.(Note: in this case, lime is not a lemon or lime juice, this is the lime water i'm talking about: Lime, chemically known as calcium hydroxide, is a white solid used in building houses, disinfecting pig houses. In addition, lime reduces the toxicity of aluminum and iron in the soil. In cuisine, lime has many applications such as making jam, producing beer, wine, soft drinks, cakes. )

    In Vietnam and China in feudal times, women had to live in suffering with the idea of "value men above women". Men can marry seven or more wives, but women can only marry one husband. If a girl becomes pregnant before marriage or adultery or she is considered 'spoiled', she will be caught and punished by the villagers. The punishment for her was very brutal, that was peopled stoned her to death or punished: "shave her hair and put lime on her head (lime will make it impossible for hair to grow back), tie her in a cage bamboo pig and drown her in the river to death. Thus, since ancient times, people have known the effect of lime and used it as a tool to punish others. In addition, Vietnamese people often use lime to kill leeches, we have a saying to talk about lime and leeches. You know the leech is a disgusting animal and is immortal even if we kill it with a knife, but if you put the leech in lime water, the leech will die in agony.

    How to make corn steamed rice

    This takes approximately 1 hour. Wash the rice twice with clean water, add enough water to cook rice. Cook for 40 minutes, then open the lid of the rice cooker and add corn, mix the corn and rice well, after 20 minutes, serve the corn rice with other food.


    How to make sauteed corn with butter

    In a large saucepan, add butter and heat until melted. Add corn and sauté for 10 minutes, season to taste. This dish will taste better if you have deep fried dried onions.


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    I am a political student, I am 22 years old. I love cooking, traveling and photography.❤️
    100% images and content belong to me with iphone 11 pro max , hope you like it ^^

    Made by @a-alice

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