Pokemon Emerald Randomised & Nuzlocke Part #4 - Rustboro gym will you play nice this time?


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    Published on Mar 05, 2023
    About :

    Will this be another one bites the Dustox?

    Welcome to the fourth episode of me playing Pokemon Emerald, modified with a randomiser to change up the starter Pokemon you choose from, what appears in the wild and trainer Pokemon plus some other tweaks.

    After losing to the first gym leader Roxanne in the last episode, I have started a fresh Nuzlocke with snips of catching Pokemon plus trainer fights at times.
    Just showing some of the progress before continuing on at Roxanne again in an attempt to get that win this time around!

    This time I start off with Trapinch which is a pretty solid choice. I cannot remember its exact type as it has been a while since I used one, but let's see how it performs.
    First catch is a silly little Cascoon. It's no good until it hits level 10 and evolves into Dustox and learns confusion to make it much stronger!

    Then I show off my level 8 Swinub after some training to level up my current Pokemon before I catch a Taillow as a new addition and move on to a trainer fight.
    It is an easy fight for Bully Ant and bite, also level 13 is very handy to be ahead of these fights.

    Zubat and Silcoon get defeated, then the next trainer has a Hoot Hoot as their only Pokemon.

    Next up you will see some additional trainer battles and see how I go with the fights and training my party, trying to get a solid team, ready to face Roxanne again!

    Fun times soon follow as I had done some additional leveling to get Dustox and to level on it and my Taillow, perfect for the double trainer battle and a quick win.

    Okay then.. the moment of truth.. First up are the trainers in Rustboro gym and a Gastly takes the stage for my Swinub and Dustox to battle against.
    Of course the Hypnosis causes some trouble to allow Gastly to lick and damage my team. Confusion when hitting is so devastating to the Gastly though.

    I go for the double battle which sees a Dratini and Meditate up against Swinub and Dustox, check out how the battle goes!

    Okay time to get ready to start again, at least need to see how this battle with Roxanne goes and try smash her with this new team now!
    Dustox against Slakoth is a nicer fight for me.
    This Natu though got out some good night shade's but luckily the bite is super effective and I get that win that is needed.

    The final team member is revealed and it is... a Sealeo.. Oh crap that ice does some nice damage to me and isn't looking good on my end, not when a berry and potion are used by Roxanne.
    Taillow goes down, I use Swinub to heal Trapinch, goes down then Trapinch goes down in one hit as well. So I quit this one and lose anyway.

    Third time is definitely going to be the better run, I plan to ensure more Pokemon have higher levels and I am truly prepared to get through this first gym and not lose anymore!!!

    Well that's my second Nuzlocke attempt failed and I try even harder next time!

    This is just the start and I need to ensure I don't lose any Pokemon until I got some spare, so I can better progress through and beat gyms. So keep tuned to see how I go with this Nuzlocke challenge.

    The Nuzlocke challenge has 2 rules you MUST use.. You may only catch the first Pokemon in each area which if it is a double battle, you can choose which of the two you catch but if it faints or runs away then bad luck. Other rule is if a Pokemon in your party faints, it must be released and cannot be used (but like others you can replace it with the optional rule, or storing it in the box for good which I do).

    Streamlabs OBS used for recording and setting the scene with the Pokemon font, my avatar and the game picture for what I am playing.

    Emulator used: RetroArch
    ROMS: They are the games
    Saving: (Only for crashes and not to load since it is a Nuzlocke challenge) Using emulator saving between levels or occasionally in tough parts so I don't always die and repeat so then the game can get completed.

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