An Indepth Tutorial Gift - Targeted At A List Of YouTubers (With 800k Subscribers) Who Are Citizen Journalists.


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    In this particular ulog, i did an in-depth tutorial covering '' targeting several YouTubers whom i have interacted with and who have had their videos taken down by YouTube due to its policies. I will be sending this video to these YouTubers (Citizen Journalists), inviting them to also upload the video to their audience or invite me to a livestream discussion on their channel for me to discuss the topic further.

    I specifically targeted 10 YouTubers. Together, they have up to 800K YouTube subscribers and i am positive that they can join ''.

    While this video is for everyone, i gave a special shout out to the likes of Wode Maya, Black Acres of the Gambia, Blaxit, Search for Uhuru (Dynast Amir), Travel Sista, African Diaspora News Channel, The Afrikan Superstar, Native Borne etc, discussing a blockchain-based video sharing platform similar to YouTube that welcomes free speech and introduces them and everyone into the world of blockchain technology and in this case, the Hive blockchain. I am a legitimate illiterate and i tried to break everything about this, simplifying it. I did an entire walk-through tutorial and offer to help each one interested further, wherever they get stuck.

    I have already been interviewed (weeks ago) in a livestream conversation by one of the channels with 70K subscribers, where i had already mentioned 3speak as seen below:

    To simplify the video tutorial, i wrote a summary of as seen below:

    The blockchain that uses is called Hive. This means that to upload a video and successfully publish it on the Hive blockchain, to where you can earn the digital currency called Hive, you need a Hive account. Now, the beauty is, with 1 Hive account, you can use any other apps that are built on or make use of the Hive blockchain and earn Hive as a result.

    Here is a list of points that i covered:

    • How to sign-up for a Hive blockchain account to use one of the its application called 3speak, a blockchain-based video-sharing platform that rewards you in Hive.
    • How to sign-up on 3speak next and publish your videos, with your Hive blockchain account.
    • Why you need 3speak to compliment your YouTube journey, covering also advantages of using 3speak or blockchain-based social media in general.
    • Why you need blockchain technology in the scheme of 'Africa to the world' and why it is timeliest now.
    • How i can help and what my username 'surpassinggoogle' means and the role of UloggersTV and 'legitimate illiteracy'.
    • No worries, you can start a blockchain project for 'Africa to the world' and the times are now. It is as difficult as 1, 2, 3.
    • The world didn't know what they gifted to Africa, when they conceived of blockchain.
    Where i haven't covered any of the points sufficiently, you can contact me on '' to explain further. You can even invite me to a livestream on your channel, so that i can discuss it with you to the benefit of your audience.

    Easy Tutorial Steps:

    • Sign Up for a hive account on (Where there is any delays here, contact '' and i will help you setup your account instantly)
    • Back up or save your auto-generated Hive password (This password is also tied to your Hive wallet (money) and only you can have it. If you lose it, you lose your account)
    • Now sign up on (This is standard sign up, that requires mostly only your email)
    • Now, login on and publish or upload your first video. (At this stage, your earlier Hive account details will be needed.)

    Anywhere you are stuck, contact me ''. (We can even do a livestream dedicated to you, where i will share my screen and solve the situation as soon as today. Not tomorrow, today! Send anyone to me and i will help too!)

    Your Boy Terry.

    Don't forget to subscribe to the Ulogs community and post in your Ulogs. I curate Ulogs with a trail and resteem some Ulogs to some 16k followers.

    UloggersTV intends to render assistance to any human with regards to their 'hassle, aspiration, needs etc' as early as today.

    Do well to subscribe to UloggersTV and turn on notifications and whenever you are ready, say 'you have ordeal' or say 'you are seeking the ever-missing piece of your puzzle on any subject or industry' including 'Hive, Blockchain etc', kindly contact me on '' and we will work together within the course of one live-stream (dedicated to you), whereupon i will share my insight as a 'legitimate illiterate', share my screen to help you with tangible online resources that can help you further and share the resources that i have, whatever is available. We will find solutions today!

    Your Boy Terry, whether bulls or bears.


    Kindly Vote On The 'steemgigs' Witness On Hive.

    Contact Me:

    • Email:
    • Telegram: @surpassinggoogle
    • Discord: surpassinggoogle#1660

    You Can Also Support Me I Other Ways.

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