Brothers Discussing Dreams, Reality And Africa In The Scheme Of Things


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    The video above covers a variety of subjects. Basically, we set out to discuss as brothers each other's dreams, in a bid to help one another become more efficient in bringing these dreams to life. 

    While many have 'dreams and aspirations', only few manage to 'turn their dreams into reality'. Over the course of time, the drive to turn dreams into reality can die too. Even our conviction with regards to the 'beauty of our dreams' begins to dwindle, pummeled at times by circumstances and in some case by virtue of 'curriculums (renown by world standards)' that label our dreams 'non-dreams' from the outset. 

    In 'bringing dreams to life' it is evident that many at times, there will be many odds, bringing further relevance to an unpopular aspect of 'dream-building' called "find the vision within the dream". 

    Speaking of "finding the vision within the dream", this may also mean "consciously evolving a dream into levels of spanlessness". This is a hard undertaking in itself because it is a very easy-to-skip step. 

    By popular demand, the road-map is 'proof of concept' > 'proof of work'.

    Thus, in the video above, @adesojisouljay relates to me one of his near-term aspiration, while i focused on helping him find the 'vision within his dream'. His dream in this case, which was as simple-looking as "building a home studio for quality live-streaming", became much grander in beauty as we began to explore and exhaust aspects of this simple-looking dream that constitute 'beauty', while expanding on ways to put the small-looking dream into grander testimonial use even before it enters the realm of reality. 

    Next, i looked to up-build Adesoji's conviction in the 'beauty of his dream', making "circumstances" negligible. Then, we looked to exhaust the 'depth in beauty' of the current resources obtainable to him in a bid to establish 'what exact resources he has'. 

    This way, he becomes better set to bring his dream to life, having elevated "the dream itself" from the ranks of 'generic' to the ranks of "beautifully disruptive".

    In turn, someone who was watching the stream wanted to join in. He lives in Japan but his country of origin is USA. He is also a programmer. As a result, we had to digress from our topic of discussion just a bit, going on to look at the world of 'innovation, blockchain and programming'. Within this understudy, we begin to establish the limitations that exists in the aforementioned industries, 'limitations' directly related to "the under-exploration of these industries".

    Similar to what is popular in the industry of 'dream-building' tackled just earlier, our interaction, exploration and use of many of the resources/tools that we have today by virtue of say 'technological advancement', fall in the ranks of 'generic'. As a result most of these technologies never evolve i.e "find their shine" because we haven't used these technologies sufficiently and consciously towards our own evolution i.e "finding our shine".

    When you combine all these ironies, you get one tangible irony.

    Your boy Terry, whether bulls or bears.


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