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    Published on Nov 13, 2021
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    In order to avoid playing the opening theory, you need to study A LOT of opening theory.

    • Peter Svidler


    Image by @schamangerbert


    The weekend Hive chess continued today with the thematic tournament hosted by @schamangerbert

    You can read about the special Chess events here

    Today's tournament was a closed Sicilian defence, another variation of the Sicilian which is very complicated unlike the regular open Sicilian lines. The tournament was played by 20players and was really fun.


    Congratulations to the winners

    It was a tough one today, as it looked very early that @jaki01 was going to run away with the 1st position after winning his first 7 games but after a draw to @stayoutoftherz who found a perpetual check in a fairly equal position, @eniolw was suddenly up in contention after also starting with a perfect run too. Both players were unbeaten in the tournament but @eniolw prowess with beserk button edged him over the former as he ended 1st place and @jaki01 had to settle for 2nd. @ burnoutsomehive ended 3rd place after a nice run too. Overall it was an interesting theme tournament.

    One thing to note is black had more wins than white today!


    My performance

    Just like yesterday, I feel satisfied with my performance, although there some unconvincing draws I should have converted but overall it was interesting and 5th position again is okay for me. I also have a game I enjoyed today too, this one is against my good friend @tungphong who I finally won in a nice ending.

    Check it out.

    [Event "Hive Thematic Arena"]
    [Site ""]
    [Date "2021.11.13"]
    [White "blackswan21"]
    [Black "ZGM_Samostically"]
    [Result "0-1"]
    [UTCDate "2021.11.13"]
    [UTCTime "20:21:23"]
    [WhiteElo "2472"]
    [BlackElo "2279"]
    [Variant "From Position"]
    [TimeControl "300+2"]
    [ECO "?"]
    [Opening "?"]
    [Termination "Normal"]
    [FEN "r1bqkbnr/pp1ppp1p/2n3p1/2p5/4P3/2N3P1/PPPP1PBP/R1BQK1NR b KQkq - 0 1"]
    [SetUp "1"]
    [Annotator ""]
    1... Bg7 2. Nge2 d6 3. h3 e6 4. d3 Nge7 5. Be3 O-O 6. d4 Nxd4 7. Nxd4 cxd4 8. Bxd4 e5 9. Be3 f5 10. Qd2 Be6 11. O-O-O d5 12. exd5 Bf7 13. Bh6 Qa5 14. Bxg7 Kxg7 15. Rhe1 e4 16. Qd4+ Kg8 17. a3 Rac8 18. Kb1 Rxc3 19. Qxc3 Qxc3 20. bxc3 Nxd5 21. Kb2 Rc8 22. g4 Nxc3 23. Rd7 Na4+ 24. Kb1 Nc3+ 25. Ka1 Na4 26. Re2 Rc3 27. Re3 Rxc2 28. gxf5 { Black wins by checkmate. } Rc1# 0-1

    I have my full tournament video uploaded to @threespeak.



    I am @samostically,I love to talk and write about chess because i benefited alot from playing chess.sometimes i share my thoughts on life in general.I love to engage with others and i love communication.I believe life is all about staying happy and maintaining peace.


    Thanks For Reading And watching!

    Please do let me know if you don't want to get mentions/tagged in my report.
    Images Used in this article are mine except stated otherwise

    If you love chess,you can join The Chess Community
    We continue tomorrow, with the very tough @chessbrotherspro event!

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