Newbies Initiative Task - Questions About The Hive Dapps And How To Upload A Video On 3speak


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    Published on Nov 30, 2021
    About :


    Hello everyone, I am @samostically, some months ago, I joined the newbies-initiative on Hive founded by @starstrings01 and the @aliento team. Today,for the 3rd newbies task I'd be answering some questions about the Dapps On the Hive Blockchain. I will do my best to answer them to the best of my knowledge.


    Image designed by @projectmamabg



    1. Which Dapps do you use and why?

    I use Peakd,Hiveblog,ecency,and 3speak But among all,I use the Peakd and ecency interfaces the most when writing and 3speak too,because I make alot of videos.

    2. How do you see Hive now compared to when it was still steem? how much has the platform changed as a new user?

    I was fortunate to have an experience on steemit so I could understand the difference. The difference is clear! Hive rewards original contents better than steemit and most importantly Hive is a decentralized platform that is 100% community driven. It might seem as though Hive recently became way up the chat than steem,but the truth is, it always has been better,it was just a matter of time.

    3. What are the benefits of using Peakd?

    Like i said earlier, i use the Peakd interface the most and here is why;

    (a.) Easy Navigation - it's easy to go around so many contents and feed through the peakd interface. The interface offers and easy way of movement. It's clarity in navigation is really impressive.

    (b.)It's Hive Engine Interaction - On Peakd you can access your hive engine,see hive engine history and be able to stake,delegate and transfer tokens easily.

    A Screenshot Of My HiveEngine Wallet

    Overall, peakd interface offers a lot of spice to your blogging, spices such as pinning your favourite post on your blog,creating your favourite authors list and even a very nice markdown preface.

    4. What are the benefits of using Ecency?

    Just like Peakd, ecency also offers a lot of spice for blogging,here are two benefits of using ecency;

    (a.) Ecency Points - Do you know you gain ecency points for engaging using the ecency interface? Well, this is one benefit of using Ecency. With this points,you can promote, boost your posts or the posts of others.

    Screenshot from the Ecency Interface

    (b) Ecency's Notifications - I get notified of engagement on my posts even by people with very low reputation. I easily access my replies,comments and others by the way the notification tab is arranged.

    5. What are the benefits of using Hive Blog?

    I'm not a big fan of the Hiveblog interface,but it has it's benefits which makes me use it too.

    (a.) Easy Market Conversion- want to convert your HBD to HIVE Quickly? You can just navigate to wallet on the hiveblog and convert it easily.

    Screenshot Of My Hive Wallet On Hiveblog

    So a click on Market takes you directly to an easy conversion trading.

    (b) Professional Interface - Hiveblog offers a professional interface which is classic,it is very good for publicity as the contents are classified in a professional and serious manner. A Good one for a Money Earning Platform.

    6. What is 3speak?

    3speak is a Video decentralized platform built on the Hive Blockchain for content creators to earn while making videos.

    7. What are the benefits about using 3speak?

    I love 3speak so much and here is some benefits that contribute to why;

    (a) Earning From Showcasing Your Passion- Just like other Hive Dapps, 3speak offers a great choice for earning while showcasing your passion. Take for instance, I play chess and over the past few months,i have earned by uploading my chess contents. That is so cool!

    (b) Easy To Use interface- 3speak offers a very easy to use interface, you can see that via the video uploaded attached to this post. Easy steps to create and upload videos!

    7. How do you earn upvotes on 3speak? What are the key requirements?

    In a video by @eddiespino talking about the requirements for upvote,he mentioned QUALITY, IMPORTANCE, ACTIVITY.

    The quality of the video is a very important factor, as videos with high quality are considered first, also the importance,i.e the relevance, Videos doesn't have to be professional but it has to be relevant to a course,be it music,travel,Lifestyle, sports and other areas.You could post about anything and Vlog all day. Just post relevant things and 3speak would look your way!. Another thing he mentioned was the activity, that is,the views on the videos. Very important that they are genuine viewers,as 3speak detects that in their own way.

    8. How much videos you must make to get noticed?

    Well, you could get notice on your first video,if you get the requirements right. But,should you not he noticed, you can make at least a video a day.(Two videos per day is okay too). The idea is not just to get noticed but also to keep your audience and not bore them with too many videos everyday.

    9. What is the best length for a video to get the maximum of the votes?

    The maximum upvoted are determined by the quality, relevance of the video as explained in question 7 . But there are also length requirements. The video must be more than one minute according to @starstrings01.
    Also,The video should not exceed 5GB Max unless it won't be encoded. You can see this statement in the video attached to this article on how to use 3speak.

    10. Are videos made like presentation and human voice successful?

    Yes presentations can be successful, I have tried that alot myself. If there is one thing i have learnt using the Decentralize apps is the watchword ORIGINALITY. Just make your videos with your voice and that should guarantee you success.

    11. Is it hard to become a vlogger?

    No it isn't

    I returned back to hive two months ago and I have uploaded about 45+ videos and I have earned 3speak upvotes in more than half of them. I didn't have idea of how to Vlog prior to my return, I just started and I kept learning from my mistakes which i think is important. I'm far from being a professional Vlogger but overall i know i am better than when i started.

    Nothing is hard,If you can learn from your mistakes.

    12. Everything sounds great, now how to make an account and run it?

    I did a video on how to use 3speak and it is attached to this article.I hope you find it instructive and useful.

    In Conclusion...

    It is great to be able to grow on hive with the presence of the @newbies-hive team. Although i still make mistakes sometimes, but i know i won't make them again and i will always improve on my contribution to the HIVE Blockchain. Thank you @newbies-hive team for this opportunity.

    Thank you All For Reading And Watching!

    Written by @Samostically

    Tags :

    hive ecency peakd gems ocd neoxian threespeak @newbies-hive newbie

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