Rules, Rules, and More Rules - The Moment When Thinking Stops


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    Published on Jun 22, 2020
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    When did we become so stupid and complete idiots that we need rules for everything? It looks that I have missed that point when we have been transformed to pandas (I put that example, as I have found that they are high ranked animals for stupidity :) )... Still, they are one of the cutest animals...

    Actually, maybe that is the answer... We are transforming into "cute", beautiful, pretty... I remember the time when my parents teach me that the most important thing is what someone has IN the head, and not ON the head...

    Anyways, I didn't want to talk about those things, I wanted to take a look into our community and our "social lives"... and this vlog and blog is a kind of continuation of previous 2-3 as the same things exist in the same time and mix...

    Let me explain... In the last post, I was talking about the value of the community and before that about living in fear... Also, I have noticed that some of the new members in our community are afraid to create content, and they are searching for guidelines or rules for doing that...

    Well, this is a blockchain platform, and it is decentralized, so you can do (almost) whatever you want... There are no specific rules... The only rule would be to appreciate others as you appreciate yourself... It sounds a bit biblical (it was my intention), but it is like that... We don't need any additional rules for that...

    For example...

    • If you are creating posts on Hive, you probably would like to receive some upvotes or comments on it... Well, others would like the same as you, so go out and upvote others and comment on other's posts!

    • You would like to receive some help regarding your journey, your business, your writing... Well, you already have some experience from your life and you can do the same for others... Go out and help someone, motivate to continue, inspire... It sounds hard, but it isn't...

    I don't say that we don't need rules, but some of these new ones are just a common sense...

    In the end, I would like to highlight one post today, (as I have promised in the comment on @russellstockley post) and it is an awesome one from @achim03 where he wrote about some tips (NOT RULES :) ) about how to develop your social capital on Hive.

    Thank you for your valuable time,


    Music in video:
    Growing Up by Scott Buckley
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