Metro 2033(Classic) | We left the Dead city and arrived at the dry station (Moscow) | Summary #7


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    Published on Feb 21, 2024
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    -| Hello comrades, first of all, let me wish blessings to all of you. I hope that you're doing good on your lives :) |-

    Technical Note: For this gameplay & summary I've been using the Classic version of Metro 2033, not the Redux version that is the version most known nowadays :)


    The story of Metro 2033 and its sequels are based on the novels of the same name, which were written by Russian writer and journalist Dmitry Alekseievich Glukhovsky. This video game is a first-person shooter that was developed by the Ukrainian video game developer 4A games, and published by the well-known THQ. This wonderful video game was released for Microsoft Games and XboX 360 in the year 2010, receiving very good ratings from the best video game critics of the moment.

    Another important fact about Metro 2033 was the very important participation of Dmitry Glukovsky himself during the development in conjunction with 4A GAMES. Something that should also be highlighted is that a good part of the 4A games team was made up of developers that belonged to the Ukrainian video game company GSC games, which is well known in the industry for the creation of the highly acclaimed video game series: S.T.A.L.K.E.R.

    In this game we will be controlling Artyom, who is one of the survivors of the post-nuclear war that devastated the formidable Moscow, and forced the inhabitants of the Russian capital to take refuge in the Metro stations to avoid the ravages caused by the war.

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    Gameplay Summary #7


    Like any good Metro Stalker, the first thing is the first, and this is nothing more than the constant collection of ammunition and pre-war bullets to sustain our economy. In this way, we continue to look for alternate routes through the dead city to reunite with our companion Bourbon.


    And the Nosalis keep stalking us, as they abound in the area in packs, which makes them more dangerous when they attack. But the most important thing is that they often cause us moments of distraction that can make us fall and get off the path, just like it happened to me several times during this gameplay xD

    GIF 1.gif

    Note: Something I have discovered during this gameplay of Metro 2033 is that for some reason, the Nosalis do not know how to descend through ladders or improvised boards. This can be seen in the GIF above, where we can see how the Nosalis cannot descend to where I am standing shooting them, which makes them easy prey for my improvised machine gun.

    This could be a bug, or perhaps it is due to the size of the Nosalis that prevents them from going down intricate places.


    Always paying attention to the oxygen levels of our mask filters, although in this level there are usually plenty of air filters (if you spend enough time looting the area) on the bodies of fallen Stalkers. The good thing was that besides having good oxygen levels, I also found the right route to meet up with Bourbon.


    Going deeper into the area, we come across The flying beast, which Bourbon calls "The Whore". This time, the best thing turned out to be to watch it from afar and pass it by using stealth, in order to access an area of destroyed apartments that looked profitable to explore.


    After avoiding the flying beast through stealth, we found a small entrance through a broken wall in the area of destroyed apartments, where out of the blue we came across a trap with explosives waiting for us, a trap that I managed to deactivate without problems and also recover the improvised explosive to use it later as a throwing weapon.


    In a passageway just after deactivating the previous trap, we came across an office area completely plagued by traps, so using our best parkour skills we passed by those traps without much trouble. But it turns out that at the end of the corridor was an apartment of what appears to be a metro stalker, where among many things like regular and pre-war ammunition, weapons, gas masks and medkits, we found a recorder where we can listen to an audio message about how a team of Stalkers is mobilizing all the heavy equipment to an exhibition...


    After finishing looting the previous room, we go down a series of stairs that will take us to the next level transition. And as I always like to remind you, you have to be very careful to use the portable A/C generator to make sure that the batteries of our very important flashlight are fully charged, and thus not lose intensity in the beam.


    We finally managed to get out of the area of destroyed apartments and return to an outdoor Moscow area, where we found the corpse of another metro Stalker near a garbage dump, a corpse that is quite well preserved compared to the others we have been finding along the way to this point. By the way, it was worth looting the Stalker, because he had a good amount of shotgun ammunition and pre-war ammunition.

    At this point we have accumulated a good amount of pre-war ammunition, which makes us a kind of rich people in the world of Metro 2033 xD


    A little further ahead we meet again with old Bourbon, in order to continue the path to the Dry Station. In the surrounding area you can find a great amount of resources if you check the place carefully.

    GIF 2.gif

    While we were hiding behind some trucks, one of the giant gargoyles that have been stalking us from the beginning appeared right behind us, which surprises Bourbon and orders us to retreat in view of a possible pack of Nosalis that were approaching our position and be able to face them successfully.

    GIF 3.gif

    By combining our fire at our discretion, we managed to stop the pack of Nosalis that dared to attack us, but despite our success in containing the pack, everything would go to hell after the two giant gargoyles that were stalking us decided to join the fight, having to flee at full speed.

    GIF 4.gif

    In our escape, we had to choose to find the first hiding place we had at hand, but it turns out that it would take us directly to some tunnels that would lead us to the famous dry station.

    I think the synergy that Artyom and Bourbon achieve is great, where they collaborate with each other in such a natural way that it truly makes them a dangerous and effective couple.


    Upon reaching the dry station, we encountered a faction of metro bandits, which is why Bourbon separated from us again and immediately began to negotiate with this faction of bandits, but it did not go well, and they took Bourbon prisoner.


    Finally, it is worth noting that before leaving, Bourbon left us his backpack and automatic shotgun, which we immediately put to use. In addition to this, I obtained an Ak-74 Stock in a nearby area, which allowed us to change almost all of our equipment, except for the revolver with a modified barrel.

    Well, this is how I concluded this gameplay #7, completely waiting to see what happened to our companion Bourbon and plotting the next strategy to address the faction of bandits that controls the dry station.

    We will have the answer to the previous question in the next post.

    Thank you very much for your time reading me, I send you a greeting and a hug. :)

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    You can follow me at @paultactico2

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