Defeating another Stage boss and playing with Toad


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    Published on Mar 25, 2021
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    -| First of all, blessings for y'all. Hello guys, today i don't feel very good with my performance on Super Mario Bros 3, the thruth is that i'm feeling that the thing are getting more and more complicated with any new stage of this World-2, because i'm starting to lose so many lives in every new stage that i need to pass. So i need to improve my performance inmediatly, because i don't wanna start to depend on loading previous saved games in order to do a quality gameplay. But anyway, don't misjudge me pals, i 'm enjoying so much this Super Mario Bros 3.

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    Continuing our adventure, this time we went to the central castle of world-2, which is full of new enemies, which have characteristics that make things much more difficult for us.

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    The first thing I noticed when entering this castle, are the gargoyle turtles that dwell in this castle, which although they are easier to eliminate, because when you jump on them you can destroy them very easily, they usually rebuild themselves, yes, as you just read, they are basically indestructible, because they rebuild themselves, so I recommend you not to be confident after apparently eliminating one of them. The other interesting and dangerous enemy are the living stones that try to crush you, these are not that hard to avoid as they usually drop with the same routine, so it's easy to time their fall.

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    The enemy that gave me the most trouble in this new stage was the ghostly cloud, which chases you at high speed, but wait a minute, this ghostly cloud has a weakness, and it's very important that you know it so it won't cost you so much in this level. The weakness of this cloud is that when you look directly at it, it stops, so when you see it coming towards you, look at it with Mario and it will stop.

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    I consider that the most difficult part of this stage is the part of the giant spikes that fall from above, as things are complicated not only by these giant spikes, but also by the presence of two ghostly clouds that make your passage through this section of the stage very tortuous.

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    Then we will get to the new boss of this stage, and this one must also be defeated just like the boss of the previous stage, which is defeated by jumping 3 times just above it. But be careful, because he can also jump very high, and you must be careful not to jump on him just at the moment where he takes refuge in his spiky shell.

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    After defeating the boss, we will have the option to go to Toad's hut in order to play the memory game. I recommend going to Toad's hut to try your luck, ha ha. It didn't work out for me as you can see in today's gameplay :(

    Well it's time for me to continue my path for the World-2. See you on the next post, buddy.

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    -This Game it's been emulated on "Jnes" emulator.

    Hope you a very nice day, fellows.

    See u soon :)

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    You can follow me at: @paultactico2

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