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    Published on Dec 03, 2021
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    🗡A knight, an Angel and a Venus adept⭐️

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    Hello Hive family and fellow Gamers, how are you? I hope you are super well and welcome to a new video on my 3speak channel. This time we continue the SSF2 video saga by testing all the characters in classic mode to see if their moves are the same as Nintendo's Super Smash Bros or in case, they haven't appeared in any of those games, to know if their moves are faithful to their video games where they come from.

    It also serves as a mini-guide where I briefly explain (based on my opinion) what I found the characters when I tried them, what are their pros and cons. Today I will do it in a new way, a year ago in this community I made commented Gameplays, but I never liked the audio quality of my voice, my voice was recorded from my cell phone, the quality of your recorder was not good and besides I was very inexperienced in the art of commenting, the good thing is that I got a quality microphone for this kind of videos.


    I'm still very inexperienced when it comes to commenting and playing at the same time, in most video games I concentrate a lot, even more, if they are fighting games and have fast sequences like SSF2. However, with all my difficulties to comment I want to bring you a commented Gameplay testing three characters of the game.

    These three characters are Pit, Isaac, and Marth. The three characters belong to Nintendo franchises are Kid Icarus (Pit), Fire Emblem (Marth), and Golden Sun (Isaac), two of them have had participated in the original Smash Bros saga, in the case of Marth, I saw him a lot in Super Smash Bros Melee and then in Brawl. While Pit made his debut only in Super Smash Brawl.



    In the case of Isaac or Hans, I knew him better than Hans thanks to the fact that I played both Golden Sun video games, at the beginning of the story the character's name is Hans, and later we can change it to the name we want. As far as I know, this character has not participated in a Nintendo Super Smash yet, maybe he has appeared in one of the most recent video games and I haven't even noticed haha.


    In the video, I briefly explain my opinion about the character's moves, but the video is in Spanish language, so I'll leave a summary for the people who speak English:

    The theme of the video is the same as the previous ones, but this time you will hear my voice while playing, excuse me for my inexperience when commenting, with time I will improve, I wanted to create a video like this.


    The character I liked the most was Marth, having used him in the original SSB made me realize that he is a very well adapted character, he is fast, has good stamina and is very strong with his sword, his special move is very easy to use and causes a lot of damage, in the video, I express that I had no trouble getting to the last fight with this character, he is very easy to use if it's your first time, he is simply amazing.

    The next character is Isaac, I liked using him, but not as much as Marth, which puts him in the position that his adaptation to this fighting game is incredible, the movements are referents to Golden Sun.


    To give an example Isaac's special move is to take out the giant hand that is used to move obstacles in the game mentioned above, the character can make attacks with his sword or magic with earth and plants, those who have played the game will know that Isaac is venus adept, ie earth or plant, as for his statistics, his speed is normal, he has a lot of stamina, his attacks do normal damage, the best of him are the specials.

    Finally, the character I liked the least is Pit, there are things that I liked about the character, like his speed that is very comparable to Marth's and his attacks are very fast and his jumps are great because the character practically flies and can save you from dangerous situations.


    But what I didn't like was his low strength when attacking and his stamina, I don't know why I perceived that the character can do many combos, but they don't do much damage to say, not satisfied with that I also feel that if you give him a meteoric with more than 50% the character leaves the stage, that's why I put him in the third position.

    Well Hive family and Gamers brothers, I hope you liked the video and that you liked the description I left, all this is based on my opinion, although to be honest, the three characters are good what happens is that I liked one more to use it than another, there is not much difference between the three in my opinion.


    Anyway, nothing more to add, thanks for reading, thanks for watching and I'll see you in the next one.


    Thank you very much!!

    Translated with www.DeepL.com/Translator

    🗡Un caballero, un Angel y un adepto Venus⭐️

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