Wood Nymph: The Tank Healer - Splinterland's Share your Battle Challenge


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    Published on Jan 14, 2022
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    00:01 - 0:27 - Introduction
    00:27 - 02:01 - The Search for Wood Nymph Monster Card.
    02:02 - 05:04 - Journey to the Market Place: The Search/Rental of Wood Nymph Monster Card
    05:05 - 05:34
    My first Victory with Wood Nymph (It's power completed the requirement for my movement to level 2 Bronze)
    05:35 - 11:36 - THE BATTLE
    05:58 - 06:18 - Understanding the Battle Rules
    06:19 - 08:50 - Choosing our Summoner and Monsters
    09:00 - 11:36 - On the Battle Field
    11:05 - 11:15 - Wood Nymph Delivering the final and winning attack after healing the first position Card
    11:36 - 11:44 - Outro

    Hello SplinterLords!!!

    I hope we're all trying to make ourselves better by learning more strategies, increasing our power (by adding more cards to our collection) and by moving up the ladder!

    O yeah, I'm trying to do the same. I'm trying to better my strategies and to better understand the game. With time I'll participate in tournaments also.

    cyxkEVqiiLy4DPBjkBUpHLa5BveiwwCF68r6dwnuwyJ83irrm9vifuZPPsZ9rHCspcaYAFAiH1YKWVBfu9Uex3fnxYLhEmBVAvuE3vXLDQeR6kBVMErzTMadvxnaymfwFRo (2).gif

    As a Newbie turned Bronze 2 Splinter warrior, the Splinterlands game is both fun and educative to me. Why I say this is because it combines both fun and calculations/strategies. And both complements each other: the strategy helps your game to be more fun; and the game itself is fun. Whether you win or lose, you learn one or two things from your opponent. So it is truly a game per excellence. And more so, you earn (crypto) Dark Energy Crystals, Cards and many others.

    If you haven't started playing the game, hop in through this link to begin.

    Don't forget to join our Splinterlands Community on discord, you can also win airdrops and cards from the group. Click the link below to join.


    This is the weekly Challenge of SHARE YOUR BATTLE, and the Theme for the Week is WOOD NYMPH. This is actually the first Battle challenge I'm participating in, and I must tell you that I enjoyed it. And that's why I'm here to share my experience and battle experience with everyone.


    Edition: REWARD

    Rarity: COMMON

    Element: EARTH

    Attack: MAGIC

    Abilities: Tank Heal/Strengthen at level 6


    A peculiar new bud appeared at the tips of the highest branches of the Elder Tree. The animals living in the tree watched as the strange buds grew, and in a matter of days, burst open. From each bud zoomed forth a tiny sprite. These Wood Nymphs quickly scattered around Anumรผn in a frenzy of mischief Source


    Looking at the Statistics, we can see that at Level 1 (my level), the wood Nymph only possesses

    • 1 magic attack effect
    • 2 hearts
    • 1 speed
    • tank heal

    It increases little by little, but from the 6th level upwards we have an additional style of Strengthen.

    Explaining Wood Nymph Statistics at Level 1

    • As a magic user, the Wood Nymph can be used as a long range or closed range fighter.
    • the 1 magic atteck effect implies that whenever the Wood Nymph attacks a monster in the opponent's side, it gives a minimal damage (1 only) to the card.
    • the 2 hearts (life/health) implies that Wood Nymph has only two attacks or two blows to receive and after that it will be off from the game/defeated.
    • the 1 speed implies that the card will be slow. A speed range of 2 should be the least when you want to pick a card.


    So, like I said in the video, I don't possess this monster in my collection, so I had to rent it from the Market Place. After renting, it increased my power such that I moved from Level 3 bronze to Level 2 bronze.

    MY BATTLE!!!



    My battle was against GAMECOIN6040. We are both level 2 Bronze players and we have no Guild. We also chose the same Summoner ๐Ÿ˜…๐Ÿ˜…๐Ÿ˜… Well, it's not only about the Summoner when it comes to victory, your strategy, line up and monsters also matters a lot.



    The rules of the game were:

    • Melee Mayhem: which means Melee attack Monsters can attack from any position
    • Mana Cap of 29
    • Elements that can be used include: Water, Earth, light and death.


    The Melee Mayhem means that my closed range/Melee attackers without any sneak ability will have the ability to attack from anywhere. This means that I can use this as an advantage while choosing my cards. And the mana cap gave me a considerable limit of choice. Since the Element, earth was included in the match it implies that I can use my Wood Nymph in this battle. So let's check out the strategy I used.




    My Summoner


    I chose OBSIDIAN as my Summoner because I wanted to use her magic attack to increase the magic attack of my Wood Nymph and other possible Magic attackers in the battle.

    cyxkEVqiiLy4DPBjkBUpHLa5BveiwwCF68r6dwnuwyJ83irrm9vifuZPPsZ9rHCspcaYAFAiH1YKWVBfu9Uex3fnxYLhEmBVAvuE3vXLDQeR6kBVMErzTMadvxnaymfwFRo (2).gif

    MY Monsters


    I'm always fond of placing the Venari Knifer in the first position whenever I choose a match with the earth element.

    It has a decent attack of 2; a good speed of 4; health of 7 and mana cap of 6. It also has the special ability of Thorns, which means if you attack it head-on as a close range attacker, you will get injured by the Thorns. This means it is a strong attack and defense monster to be used at the first position.

    cyxkEVqiiLy4DPBjkBUpHLa5BveiwwCF68r6dwnuwyJ83irrm9vifuZPPsZ9rHCspcaYAFAiH1YKWVBfu9Uex3fnxYLhEmBVAvuE3vXLDQeR6kBVMErzTMadvxnaymfwFRo (2).gif


    The Second Monster I selected was the Unicorn Mustang. O yes, it is perfect for this position. It has a good attack effect of 3, a very good speed of 4 and a "very very" good health of 10. It also has a special ability of Void to reduce damage from magic attack.

    Since the rule of the game is Melee Mayhem, it means it gives this Monster a special ability of attacking from anywhere. Tell me, isn't this the best? ๐Ÿ˜ I chose it at the second position so that after causing MAYHEM to the opponents, it will replace the Venari Knifer when it has been defeated (I anticipated its defeat).

    cyxkEVqiiLy4DPBjkBUpHLa5BveiwwCF68r6dwnuwyJ83irrm9vifuZPPsZ9rHCspcaYAFAiH1YKWVBfu9Uex3fnxYLhEmBVAvuE3vXLDQeR6kBVMErzTMadvxnaymfwFRo (2).gif


    The third monster I chose is the Goblin Thief. It has a decent attack of 2, a manageable speed of 2, a health of 3 and a special attack of sneak (which means it can attack the last monster of the opponent from any position (except first position). I placed it at the third position because it is also a Melee attacker, so that if it happens that my Venari Knifer and Unicorn Mustang get defeated, then it can continue. Although it was unlikely that they get defeated early since I planned on including a tank Healer in the team.

    cyxkEVqiiLy4DPBjkBUpHLa5BveiwwCF68r6dwnuwyJ83irrm9vifuZPPsZ9rHCspcaYAFAiH1YKWVBfu9Uex3fnxYLhEmBVAvuE3vXLDQeR6kBVMErzTMadvxnaymfwFRo (2).gif


    And here is the Monster for the Week, Wood Nymph.

    Unfortunately the level 6 card I rented was way high for my level, so the Monster gave me what is available for my level.

    Magic attack of 1, health of 2, speed of 1 and the ability of tank heal (which means it can restore a portion of the Monster in the first position's health each round).

    Infact, this is where I find it helpful to me and very beneficial. As it'll help my Venari Knifer or Unicorn Mustang in restoring their health to keep the battle on.

    cyxkEVqiiLy4DPBjkBUpHLa5BveiwwCF68r6dwnuwyJ83irrm9vifuZPPsZ9rHCspcaYAFAiH1YKWVBfu9Uex3fnxYLhEmBVAvuE3vXLDQeR6kBVMErzTMadvxnaymfwFRo (2).gif


    My fifth and final card was the Hill Giant. It has a low melee attack of 1, speed of 1 and good health of 6, with no special ability. Ordinarily, I wouldn't have chosen it for this battle, but I chose it because I needed a Monster with a mana cap of 3 to complete my team. The game rules also helped my choice because as a Melee attacker it will have the advantage of attacking from anywhere, so it became an added advantage to me.



    My stratey worked so well, such that I only lost a Monster out of my 5 Monsters, while I defeated all the Monsters of my opponent.

    At the beginning of the game, the OBSIDIAN increased the magic attack effect of my Wood Nymph by +1. This was indeed great as it added something extra to our Themed Monster.

    The Venari Knifer also helped in defeating the opponent's Monsters with its Attack and defense abilities. And after it was defeated, the Unicorn Mustang came into the first position and caused havoc to the opponent's Monsters with its attack effect of 3. It remained indestructible because of the constant Tank Heal by our Wood Nymph, hence it led to my Victory.


    cyxkEVqiiLy4DPBjkBUpHLa5BveiwwCF68r6dwnuwyJ83irrm9vifuZPPsZ9rHCspcaYAFAiH1YKWVBfu9Uex3fnxYLhEmBVAvuE3vXLDQeR6kBVMErzTMadvxnaymfwFRo (2).gif


    I feel this is the perfect strategy for my level of understanding. But I believe each time I want to use the Wood Nymph Monster, I'll need to choose OBSIDIAN as my Summoner, so that the Wood Nymph will have a decent magic attack of 2. However, for now, this strategy is great!

    cyxkEVqiiLy4DPBjkBUpHLa5BveiwwCF68r6dwnuwyJ83irrm9vifuZPPsZ9rHCspcaYAFAiH1YKWVBfu9Uex3fnxYLhEmBVAvuE3vXLDQeR6kBVMErzTMadvxnaymfwFRo (2).gif


    O yes I do, but unfortunately I don't have the Monster Card and I believe I have few hours before the card rental expires ๐Ÿ˜ญ๐Ÿ˜ญ๐Ÿ˜ญ๐Ÿ˜ญ๐Ÿ˜ญ

    But yes, I like the card because of its Tank heal and magic attack. At Level 6, the Wood Nymph Monster will also have great skills.

    The WOOD NYMPH gave the final attack of this match that led to my Victory


    cyxkEVqiiLy4DPBjkBUpHLa5BveiwwCF68r6dwnuwyJ83irrm9vifuZPPsZ9rHCspcaYAFAiH1YKWVBfu9Uex3fnxYLhEmBVAvuE3vXLDQeR6kBVMErzTMadvxnaymfwFRo (2).gif

    If you haven't joined the Splinterlands game or started playing, I invite you go join using the link below.
    Click to join

    Also join this Splinterlands Community to get more experiences of Splinterlords, explanation/tutorials on the game, and cards as gifts.

    You can also join the discord channel where you can ask questions and get replies, participate in airdrop and much more.
    Click to join

    Here is the link to my battle again.
    Click to watch the BATTLE
    Have fun and win more battles!

    Your comments will be highly appreciated as it'll help me improve my strategy and understanding of the game.

    Line Dividers gotten from @clove71 @splinterland and @cieliss


    I appreciate @clove71 and the entire curation team, especially @ivarbjorn and other admins and moderators of @splinterlands community for running this platform and making it a home for lovers of splinterlands. A home where they can share their experiences, battles, art, partake in challenges, win crypto and other fun activities. It is truly and awesome job. Greetings to you @rentaw03. Thank you once more, it seems the card you gave me as a gift necessitated my smooth ride to Bronze 3

    ezgif.com-gif-maker (1).gif

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    splinterlands wood nymph gaming play2earn battle nft challenge community

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