The yin & yang patterns in nature on the south Cape coast of Africa


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    Published on Jul 09, 2020
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    Today's view of the rugged and wild Indian Ocean as it crashes against the immovable megalithic continental cliffs of Africa, is awesome. This is a truly majestic vista from above, of the caves way down below at the water's edge. It's sunrise, or just thereafter, and I have been able to access this totally remote cliff top view point from where we can see the seemingly endless expanse of the ocean but also some intriguing geological rock formations that make this place look like a natural Zen Garden. In fact this is the real thing.

    This is what Zen masters attempt to emulate when they create their temple gardens for the monks to meditate in. They aspire to capture a moment of presence, the eternal now, where every stone appears to be precisely where it should be, yet is there totally of its own accord.

    Zen masters attempt to capture the eternal now and this morning I believe I have captured just such a very moment by the looks of the scene here. It's such a vast yet empty expanse, and I sit totally alone surrounded by many miles of open sea and air, with the land behind me sparsely populated a few mile further back. What a place to commune with the divine, and with Mother Nature at her best.

    If you look down to the shoreline and the actual cave entrances below, you can see just before them two triangular rocks that jut upward toward the cave mouths. One is bigger than the other and they seem to perfectly match the two cave mouths behind them in the landscape scene.

    And from this exact angle up above, it looks as if the triangular rock formations are akin to a male yang symbol perfectly counterpoised and pointing up toward the yin feminine cave entrances. This is a beautiful symptom of the harmony, balance and natural feng shui found here in nature at this particular point on the deep southernmost coastline of the African continent.

    I hope you also have a place that you can enter for your meditation, a magical garden of some sort, your own Zen garden. We all need one and mine just happens to be miles wide on all sides and pumping with active chi or prana. It is an organic temple to commune with the gods, with ones higher self, with the universe, and I’m glad to be able to share it with you here today. If you ever get the inspiration to go traveling to some special sacred spaces on the planet, then feel free to come look me up here on the south Cape coast of Africa and I will show you round the ancient Khoi San bushmen ancestral sites going back tens of thousands of years on these shores.

    I like to believe that they were one of the oldest stone age tribal races on the planet, totally untouched by any Vedic, Aryan or Sumerian or Chinese civilizations, living in a single skin cloth with a bow and arrow. These shores were there home before the European arrival in the fifteenth to seventeenth centuries. I sit here in meditation and feel as if I could have been one of them in a past life, roaming freely and without borders on these vast shores, herding cattle perhaps. How the planet has shifted, only showing us just how much more it could still shift potentially, given the right amount of time.

    But all that is relative. All the while there is the absolute, which never changes throughout time, which is timeless, even more so than the very earth planet itself. Still, here I can sit and capture a moment of that timelessness in my meditation, as paradoxical as that sounds. The poet William Blake would be impressed with me as I see the universe in this grain of sand and eternity in this millisecond.

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