Leave the cities and take shelter of nature for a better lifestyle – Spring waterfalls


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    Hello again from the beautiful south Cape coast of Africa, and another look at the flowing waterfall after the heavy Spring rain. This is – as you may have guessed by now – my favorite place to be. Especially since the rain has been so much more abundant this year than in the past.

    This region, known as the Garden Route, is the gem of the south Cape coast of Africa, and in previous years the entire south coast of the continent experienced something of a drought. But those few years of drought are over as we experience renewed rain this year. It is a complete opposite effect upon nature as a result.

    Life can be beautiful if we choose our setting wisely. By choosing the best location for our life experience, we can really make the best use of a bad bargain, as the saying goes. Life will have its ups and downs wherever you are, so by situating yourself in the most supportive and invigorating location to begin with, you can more easily endure any variations in the general flow of things.

    I decided over a decade ago, to come life here, 550 kilometers from my home town because it is the best place to be for the health and the consciousness. Money comes lower down the list after those two priorities. In this region I have found the most supportive climate and geographical conditions to really thrive, despite having very little money.

    Even during this year’s historic covid scare, I had zero health concerns in that regard. In fact I have yet to meet anyone or even hear of anyone in this area getting sick with any virus. So the original decision was correct. If we get our core fundamental priorities right, then we will find ourselves well situated for whatever the world throws at us.

    This region may still be vulnerable to drought once more, as it was some years ago, but at present the palnet is getting swamped with rain on every continent by the sounds of it (not sure about Australia). And so after the rain I take a hike to this cliff top region overlooking the vast Indian Ocean to observe the magnificent scene. The rain waters are flowing abundantly all the way to the sea below and life is being uplifted and nurtured by all of the fresh water now.

    City life in the suburbs can be problematic this year under covid concerns, so I recommend that you get out of the cities and suburbs and go live in the countryside, among the natural surroundings. You quality of life will improve and your health will certainly be better.

    With less crowding you will be much safer if and when conditions deteriorate even further than they already have. I noticed very little lockdown madness here, but I recently heard that the restrictions as well as the police enforcement was much more severe in the city itself. I’m happy I made the lifestyle shift well in advance.

    Find a region where you can make a life for yourself that includes vast open space and fesh air with no crowds. Working from home online is the way to go nowadays. Also food shortages may arise so find a place in the countryside where you can grow your own food. There has never been a more urgent time to become self-sufficient and to take shelter of nature as much as possible.

    Home schooling can be much nicer for kids too, so you don’t need to be in a suburb at all. This is the wisest long term decision you could make, if you have not done so already. The cities could get worse in coming years, and I will never be able to live in the congested city of my childhood any more. The traffic, pollution and social unrest is too unpleasant. Kids are healthier growing up in the countryside at this stage in history.

    I have found such a beautiful region of the world and I am sure thee may be something similar wherever you are on the planet, with lots of seaside or at least fresh air and forest around. Mountains are also a valuable place to locate yourself, with plenty of water catchment area among other advantages. Check out your maps and evaluate your lifestyle choices for the future because life on earth is going through some changes and you want to be well situated for them. Now is your chance. The beauty of nature awaits you.

    (image pixabay)

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