For Knifers it is more about gold in their pockets


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    Published on Jun 05, 2022
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    If you surf the Earth Splinter well enough, you are bound to find a couple of monsters that thrive at being thieves, Goblin Thief being one from the Untamed era, for Chaos Legion Venari Knifer was the best thieve it could present.


    Venari Knifers are specialized rogues, assassins, and thieves that make their living through shadier dealings in the Realm of Silence underneath Praetoria. They often work as part of criminal organizations or guilds, taking on contracts to put more gold in their pockets. When the Chaos Legion's agents came to Praetoria, many Venari Knifers saw them as new benefactors for their mercenary work. Using the tunnels that run beneath the surface world, the Knifers move like shadows in the night to strike at their opponents.

    It was a Earth Focus and the opportunity presented Venari Knifer as a suitable monster for the battle and partake in this week's SHARE YOUR BATTLE Weekly Challenge! VENARI KNIFER

    Splinterlands - Collect, Trade, Battle! - Brave 6_5_2022 9_12_21 AM.png

    Battle Ruleset
    Equal Opportunity
    Mana Cap 28

    Wizard Of Eastwood was my summoner in this battle, the -2 Armor on enemy monsters is an advantage for my monsters to attack without armor or less armor to go through. Opponent's summoner being Kiara Lightbringer, not a summoner I have come across a lot but very economical with just 2 Mana.


    It was a Flesh Golem led attack, I went for Golem because if the Heal ability to last longer in the frontline. I always want Flesh Golem at level 4 but gone pricey, it currently trades at around $10 per copy


    Creeping Ooze in second spot was meant to slow thing down.


    I had Disintegrator in third spot to Demoralize enemy monsters which happened to be a wise move because my opponent had Silvershield Knight with the Inspire ability that would have be terrible to deal with.


    Haven reduce armor from enemy monsters through Wizard Of Eastwood, Queen Mycelia provides armor to friendly monsters, an ability that goes a long way in helping the team.


    Knifer comes with Thorns in fifth place, being a very fast monster it launched the first attack on Shieldbearer which it eventually eliminated in the third round. A level 3 Gold Foil in the market goes for $1.38.


    The Thorns ability of Mycelic Morphoid and Knifer makes them a favorite, you don't go attacking them with melee without incurring damage. These helped in taking out Silvershield Assassin which is one hell of a nightmare to deal with when on a sneaky move.

    Overall Venari Knifer was impressive in this battle.



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