Antivax token did donate tokens for sharing my story! Not a scam!


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    Published on Feb 07, 2022
    About :

    I recently made my Vaccine story public just to encourage those who have lost their job to a vaccine mandate to come forward and tell their story as well as get some of these interesting new tokens. Yeah, I was also doing so to support @kennyskitchen with a token project he had been telling me about for weeks leading up to an announcement for donations of $ANTIVAX token on the BSC Charts wallet app. There was concerns from some people that this may be a rug pull or a simple meme coin but I found out it was not!

    Anyways, the antivax people are legit! Just for sharing my story, I ended up getting 100 Binance:usd coin instead of antivax token as they wanted the money to go to my bills. I was blown away and did not expect that much at all. I was just looking to get some free $ANTIVAX token, not 100 usd worth of crypto. Cool. So I invested half back into $ANTIVAX coin and I will use the other half to pay some bills or help others who share their story about how they lost their job due to vax requirements on Hive with Hive donations. My bills are luckily around $800-950 usd a month so I can help others who need it by paying this donation that I received forward or with my Hive investments, blogging and now with this bigger than expected donation it will allow me to pay the bills that much easier this month.


    I am just more stoked that this project is not a scam and more than just a meme token! I can now share this story and know that there is a chance other people can be better helped that needs it by sharing their story! I do plan on keeping the 50 usd I did not use for antivax token in liquid Hive to donate to those on Hive who share their story in a post. I will hold said liquid Hive for 30 days, if no one makes a post about their vaccine story then I will use towards bills as the $ANTIVAX people wanted me to do so with initial donation. If a lot of people make posts than I will donate antivax token to them if I run out of this 50 usd worth of liquid Hive.

    Screenshot (119).png

    Screenshot (122).png

    If you have a story to share about how you lost a job due to Vaccine mandates please tell your story in a post and share in the comments here (I have Hive or HBD for you if you do!) or reach out to the $ANTIVAX token people and share any social media post about your vaccine story with them at:

    Antivax telegram:


    I have to be honest, I was not excited about going back to work for a company and Union that put me through a 18 month NLRB battle and honestly probably was not going to go back to work for them anyhow after being illegally fired and assaulted at work. Yeah, I settled with them and got my job back but a text message from my employer saying I need a vaccine to return to work was it for me; I was for sure not going back to work. Any thoughts about returning to work for my employer was out the window, especially after learning from elected officials at my union hall via phone calls that there was nothing they will do for people who do not get the vaccine and can not work as a result.

    Also, I am not asking for donations past upvotes on Hive posts you feel is deserved. I have some money coming to me at the end of this month, allegedly as it has been stuck in probate. I will use said money for school and to pay bills for the year. So hopefully I can finally stop cashing out Hive as I transition to a new career through schooling and getting a small inheritance.

    Thanks again, @kennyskitchen and the people at Antivax token! Hopefully, my experience will encourage others to speak up about losing their career for refusing a big pharma experimental shot from our governments #1 special interest lobbying group.

    From 1999 to 2018, across all industries, a total of $64.3 billion was spent lobbying Congress and federal agencies in the US. During this time, the pharmaceutical and health product industry recorded the highest spending of all industries ($4.7 billion [7.3%]), followed by the insurance industry ($3.2 billion [5.0%]), the electric utilities industry ($2.8 billion [4.4%]),

    P.S. You might need BNB coin to do transfers if you receive a donation, @kennyskitchen donated some BNB to me that I can pay forward if needed. Contact me on discord dynamicgreentk#1126 if you need help in that regards.

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