Old Machinery And Different Beautiful Natural Beauty Tress Photography


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    Published on Sep 30, 2023
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    Hi hive friends.
    Hopefully all of you are fine. At one place we went for a walk, there were old machines and the atmosphere there was very beautiful. There was a lot to see here which was very beautiful, tractors etc. were also seen.

    Now, I was very keen to see the natural sights and I was keen to go to a peaceful place, so the intention was made here. Here is a beautiful place at some distance from our house. It can be called a village or a city. Since there is not much travel between this place, it is inside the city and the village, so I took my friend in the morning and we left for this place.

    Let me tell you the story that I did two days ago. Two party leaders were giving an interview on the news and they were talking a lot. They were also fighting. They were fighting with each other and the PTI guy has beaten the Non-League a lot. All PTI people were very happy because of this but I will say here that it should not be done like this at all, no one should be disrespected.

    Now it has become a bit more modern and these machines have also become a bit more modern. The earlier machines used to be much bigger, they were in a lot of places. The work is done and these days such machines are available in the market very expensive and this machine was very beautiful to look at.

    It also had the same function of extracting water from the bottom and some places are now like this. There are machines that work on electricity, the earlier machines used to run on diesel, the way time is progressing, such things are also being developed, so it is very good for those people. For those who live in such a place and whose employment is connected with such things.

    When we went a little further, there was also a transformer installed here, earlier there was no electricity at all in such places, now due to development, electricity is also coming here, but still gas is available in such places. There is no system at all.It has been heard here that after some time gas system will also be built here. People still live in such advanced times, but they still don't have gas and are still forced to burn wood.

    There were many different and beautiful types of trees, their wood designs were also very beautiful and different, so I was taking pictures of them, which I am showing to everyone, there was a lot of peace and cool air. As it was going on, we stood here for a long time and sat and for some time we stood there and observed things that the people here are living a better life and a healthier life than the people of the city.

    Still, I like the sunrise in the morning the most of the day because it's so much more beautiful when we're standing and watching the sun rise. The side is open and in the winter the view is even more beautiful when the sun is shining and the human body needs the sun, it is very relaxing and the time passes very well.

    This tree looked the most beautiful to me and I made a picture of it which was very beautiful. The tree looked small but it was more beautiful and its leaves were also very beautiful. The beauty of the tree was enhanced by the different colored leaves that made it stand out from the rest of the trees.

    A little bit later, these white birds were sitting there a lot. You can see them in the video and then I took some pictures of them. I could not get closer to them as I went. They used to fly away so I zoomed in and took some pictures of them.

    The beauty of this tree was no less, it had thin wood and beautiful leaves on top of it, and it was a great pleasure to go and look at things like this because of which I took this picture. By visiting such a place because if one wants to give peace to one's mind then the best solution is to go to such places and I was also getting a lot of peace by going here and did not remember the worries at all.

    The sounds of the birds were very beautiful and different from the way we hear the sounds of birds in our daily routine. They were very different and very beautiful and their number was also very high. There are natural things as in this world man can never create anything such things only man can see and be thankful that we are blessed with all these things.

    And then they grew a little, then there was another beautiful tree. Its wood was weak, but it looked very beautiful. The leaves on top of it were a little less, but because of these fewer leaves, its beauty increased a lot. It was done and we stopped here for some time and took a picture of it, then after that we left for further and the view ahead was also very amazing.

    The current situation of Pakistan's politics is that no date has been given yet for the elections and the problems are getting more and more. One month they have reduced the bills, then this month they have given so much money, so this is very much. What is more wrong is that the poor people are once again worried, whose salary is 30,000 Pakistani rupees, his bill is 2,000 Pakistani rupees. I don't understand why everything has become so expensive.

    My friend was very fond of climbing trees and this tree was very beautiful so he climbed it. These pictures were very beautiful. Going to such places and doing such things gives a lot of confidence in a person and it gives him a lot of work in the life to come.

    Fallen leaves on the ground that are completely dry also look very beautiful and have many different colors after drying due to the sun as you can see in these two pictures. These leaves look very beautiful even when they fall down and dry.

    I hope people will like this beautiful view and this old machinery up and in the end when we grew a little the pink color flowers were looking good so I also took a picture of it. Which you can see here.

    Read my latest blogs.



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