Battle line up with Silvershield Warrior


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    Published on Aug 02, 2020
    About :

    I look forward to Mondays.

    Why Though?

    Well, Splinterlands usually has this weekly challenge where we have to write of post based on the card that they usually mention in that week. Its a nice way to do something you already do(battling) and make a whole post about it. Great Initiative for people like myself who easily run out of topics to write a blog about.

    I was aware of this from the last couple of weeks, but wasn't able to take part in it as I thought I'll just post it on the last day and would end up missing the challenge every time.

    This week though, I just managed to write to there on time. #LastMinuteBlog

    So here is my line up for this week.


    Selenia Sky01.png

    I chose this legendary summoner, so that I get an additional buff for my range attacks. With a mana of 3, It fits right into the budget of 19 mana game. Also Selenia Sky opens up the possibility of using the dragon monsters. However, It later turned out that I din't use any of them.


    Crystal Werewolf01.png

    Summoned this monster as my tank for its ability of thorn at a mana cost of 3 which will reduce the enemy monsters health or shield by 2 when ever it gets attacked. Also, At max level this monster will have a health of 8 which is handy for low mana games. Additionally, Its got this ability of silence which reduces the magic attacks of the enemy monster by 1.

    Hence, This makes a great card for a Low Mana Battles.

    Silvershield Warrior01.png
    Here is our Main Man for Today.

    Silvershield Warrior .

    I put him in the second position because he has the ability of reach with which he is able to attack the 1st tank of the enemy team. With a Mana Cost of 4, Melee attack of 3 with health of 5.

    This card is a good option at the number 2 spot.


    As per the lore, Peacebringer is very good at martial arts and he is into social service during the day in the land of Khymeria.

    Since this was a close range match, I kept him at the 3rd position since he could even shoot his arrows even from the 1st position in this instance. Also, It would would give more time to the next card in the deck to use its attacks.

    When it comes to stats, Peace bringer has a Max Health of 7, Ranged attack of 4 for a mana cost of 4.

    Defender of Truth01.PNG

    A Magician and a Very Important Political Figure in the Order of the Silver Shield. Usually acts as the Khymerian General when they march out for War as he Inspires his troops with Divine Protection of the Silver Shield. That is exactly why he is with Selenia's Team, for the couple of layers of Armor.

    Apart from that, he has got magic attack of 3 and a max health of 4 for a mana cost of 4.

    Yes, Its a bit low on health . I took a chance and kept in towards with not much of sneak attack protection at the back.

    Silvershield Bard0101.png

    I had one mana left at this point, So I went ahead with Silvershield Bard for its abilities swiftness and cleanse. Clease is one of my preferred ability as it removes the negative effects on the cards placed on the 1st position. It could be vital in removing something like poison.

    Hence, I have this in my line up.

    Furious Chicken01.png

    Yes, Its the Furious Chicken.

    Never forget the Chicken

    This Zero Mana card is must have for everyone playing this game because it just takes up a slot and take one hit as well. Who knows, If its an equalizer, Melee Mayham or Sneak rule its 2 Melee Attacks will come into Play as well.

    Hence this card is a part of my line up.

    That is about it guys.
    I have told you everything about this battle with a Silvershield Warrior.
    This line up worked for me very well.
    I use Silver Shieldwarrior a lot of times when I got the life splinter.
    Hope you enjoyed The Battle?

    Let me know what you think about this line up in the comments below.


    Cartoon Art by @turtledance24

    Tags :

    spt splinterlands steemmonsters mancave hivegaming

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