Splinterlands Quidditch[My Splinterlands Journey][My Destiny took me to Splinterlands]


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    Published on Aug 06, 2020
    About :

    Sometimes we try to run away from a certain thing/situation, still we end up with it.

    Guess its destiny.

    For Example, In your school or college, You may have that one girl/guy you may not want to sit next to because there is something about him/her you dislike, but your Teacher/ Professor insist you should and you end being with them.

    Something similar happened to me.



    Yes, I din't really want to get into this game or any game for that matter. Specially something like splinterlands which is so addictive, but destiny had something else planned for me.


    Well, It so happened that a friend had insisted that I should join this game and I obliged by joining with her referral link back in 2019, but I din't buy the spell book immediately. I thought I should wait for a few days before I make that transaction. Dint want to rush with it.

    After a few days, I saw my friends been so involved and lost in this game. They would literally talk about it all day long. At this point, I realized, This game was addictive and something I should stay away from. Hence, I decide to stay away from this game.

    How I joined Splainterlands01.png

    Three months after The Hive Launch in 2020, I was hanging out at this India United Server and was talking to Sayee about the various front ends I could use to post on Hive and get some bonus rewards. That is when she told me about The Tribe and Front End Neoxian City and linked me up with their discord server.

    My First day at Neoxian's City Discord was more like a Reunion as I had met a lot of Old Discord Friends from The Easydex and The Mancave Servers. So I was very well received and it was not at all awkward.

    Although, After a couple of days I start feeling left out.


    Splinterland Conversations takes over the chats.

    80% percent of the conversation in the city revolved around the game.

    Xawi would say

    "I just opened 7 packs and 0 legendary"

    While Mango-Juice would be like

    "I also sometimes defeat zaku! Don't underestimate ur sailor"

    I was feeling very out of place when people spoke about this Topic. Even back in the Indian Server , I saw close friends were getting into Dcity.

    All of the sudden, I could see everyone around me getting into Blockchain Gaming. I knew I was at a point of Vulnerability and was going to start playing one of these two games.

    It was time to decide which game I was going to join.

    Dcity or Splinterlands?

    I asked around with couple of friends who has played both the games.

    The Summary of what they had to say was, In Dcity you can break even faster If you have higher investment without really spending time playing the game(above 500 Hives during the time I joined splinterlands), While with Splinterlands you can break even in 2 weeks with an Investment of only 10 dollars, but while you have to invest couple of hours playing the game every single day.

    I factored in another point.

    The Social Aspect

    Always knew we could make new friends by playing games, I had previously experienced that while playing Drugwars, I made a ton of friends I am close to even today.

    I already knew My Friends in the Indian Server Pretty well. While I can say the same about the people playing Splinterlands at Neoxians, but I still had lot of people I was yet to know. Hence, Factoring these, I went ahead with Splinterlands, A fun game which required less investment but relatively higher amount of time while you compare to Dcity.

    My Experience

    Todays, Its been over couple of months since of I started playing this game and I can easily say that I am addicted.

    In terms of the Social Aspect, I can say that I made a lot of Friends after playing, It became much easier to break the Ice with a stranger and start a conversation about this game and make friends in the process.

    I have to Also admit that I ended spending more than 100 Dollars on cards till now after the 10 dollar Initial Investment.

    Yes, I am saying Investment because I bought them at a bargain price and they will help me progress with the game faster and save time. That is how this game works, If you invest more of your money, you will end up saving a lot of your time.

    So you gotta spend where you have to spend

    At the same time, Be Wise and consult experienced players before you invest on cards

    When It comes to season rewards, I have been getting the fair cards at end of every season. Just managed to get one legendary so far from the game, but I managed to get few more from the Giveaways and Twitter contests.

    I can't point out my best season yet, but I have been enjoying the overall experience so far.

    So that is how my destiny got me to play this game, Now looking back, I am pretty glad it did :)

    I would like to conclude this blog with the longest battle I ever played in super fast speed. Make sure you keep an eye on the number of rounds to get an idea of how long it really was.


    Cartoon Art by @turtledance24

    Tags :

    spt splinterlands steemmonsters mancave bdcs

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