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    Published on Jul 05, 2022
    About :


    Author's Note:

    Yes... Yes... I know what you're thinking: "Just why in the hell is this guy posting his Weekend Engagement blog now!" Well, let's just say it's for good reason :)

    You see, intially I planned to write an entry for the WK 108 blog prompts last Saturday Night; but alas, life has a way of making you think: "Damn, I didn't think that was gonna happen!"

    Fortunately, I somehow managed to find time to post an entry afterall! And that was the next night - Sunday night. But get this, something stopped me yet again! And no, this time it wasn't Life that stopped me β€” no β€” it was me!

    Turns out that that Sunday night, I got this burning idea to do something much more different than my casual WK-Engagement entries. And so, that night, I spent about a total of 12 -13 hours straight making a 5-6 minute short cartoon to compliment my entry!

    As you might imagine, after animating a total of what was about 252 frames, I was pooped! And goddamn, I was so tired that I didn't even realize when I dozed off! Sadly, upon waking up, I found that I had already missed the entire engagement and that the week was over. Or is it? :)

    Okay, it technically is

    I won't lie to ya though, after realizing I missed the whole thing, i was quite pissed; mostly because I actually really loved those topics and again, because I had already invested so much time and effort into making the cartoon. Consequentially, I gave up on the whole thing and decided not to post anything at all.

    Lol, this should be called: Weekend Engagement Conflict XD

    But thankfully today, I found some inspiration again and was able to edit the video once more and post it along with what you're reading right now! Plus, I thought since the oracle and his underlings often read the posts I post to the community, it's still worth a shot!

    Oh shit, I just realized something: G-dog OFTEN reads EVERY post I post to the community Ha! isn't that quirky? So, if you think about it, in a way... I'm sort of the God of Galen!

    Yeah... think about it! Galen mainly reads my posts in the community just to see if they meet community guidelines. Now tell me, what does that sound like to you?.... That's right! A Ritual! It means Galen always has to pay respects to me - his God!😌

    Call me crazy... I just might be :)

    G-dog, I know thou art reading this right now so, thy lord would simply relate this to thee now β€” his most sacred message to thee: Thy God appreciates all thine hard work man!

    Anyway, let's get into the blog now shall we? Heads up though, the cartoon is not kid friendly. It has some slightly strong messages and images in it

    Good, NSFW warning β€” Checkβœ…

    Oh yeah, one more thing. The cartoon is mostly mediocre. Actually, scratch that, it's VERY mediocre! I'm not an animator sorry.
    Also, I had to unforgivably compress the video in order to post it on 3Speak because the original file was just way too huge to upload. Alas, it reduced the quality drastically but, it's still quite watchable.

    Okay, enough talking! Let's get right into it then

    I choose:

    Prompt 3: Sexy Time Weekend:
    You're planning a weekend of seduction and sweet-lovemaking with the person of your choice. Who is it, what do you have planned and why? Your current partner is excluded from this question - Anyone else on the planet, real or fictional, is eligible.

    Yes... I'm inviting her:


    Ahh... Scarlett Johansson... Known by many names: the black widow, Scar Jo, Lucy, and the woman who made me beat my meat many times that I can even begin to remember all through highschool.

    Now, it would be needless to say that Scarlett has multiple assets apart from her hot bod. And all the same, it would be an understatement to say that I only like her for her physique... I mean this woman is literally an extremely talented actor, model, and a singer too! And she is a bad ass when it comes to intellectual abilities too!

    **Did you know she has an IQ of 140? That's the Top 5% of the world's population!

    Alas, we're simply talking about sexy-time weekend here, so I'm sure none of those other non - sexy things applies much here so, I'm just gonna tell you my two main reasons for inviting her over for the weekend.

    Three words:

    Blonde, black widow and Boobs

    Anyway, I'll let the rest of the video do the talking... I hope you like it.

    Damn, I wonder if Scarlett would ever see this shit. It would be hella funny!

    Thanks for reading and keep exploring!

    Tags :

    weekend-engagement cartoon comedy scarlettjohansson

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