#DAppShare - Why Hive Dapps are so important


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    Published on Dec 08, 2020
    About :


    I made a promo video sharing some hive Dapps.

    Hello everyone I've been on Hive community for a while and all people around here is an inspiration, but working has an entire ecosystem Hive is so powerful, there is a lot immutable information awesome content and all the Dapps around with its own mechanism.

    That is the reason I decide to share this initiative about all the Hive Dapps that we used to use every day with @theycallmedan.

    Blockchain has We known has many features and the amazing about this technology is that every transaction is recorded on the chain and stay forever.
    Every post you made, every comment you made, every video you uploaded, every time you play a game on hive you are giving power to the blockchain.

    I decide to use more hive blockchain as a main social media because it's something new, I love the innovation of this kind of technology that is only like 10 years old, I mean since Bitcoin was created and all crypto technology projects became into a boom in all over the world.

    Many projects were around and I was reading all about them or a few of them because there are more than 2, 000 cryptocurrencies around but Hive is particular because it's easy to use fast and scalable, a project with a great use, the great example is that anyone can create an account no matter where they live don't needed a KYC, just create an account and start blogging, creating videos or playing games and receive rewards.

    Hive Dapps that I use to use the most

    Splinterlands splinterlands_logo_1200.png

    I am a fan of game and music so since I am on Hive blockchain I used to share music content but sometimes related of music games but also there is a particular game that many people used to play around Hive blockchain so, this is Splinterlands.

    @Splinterlands it's a trading card game built on blockchain when you can own your NFT cards and also get rewards by playing with them, the game has a market on it where you can sell or buy cards while you are is having fun, by the way I am also curator of Splinterlands community and I'm so proud of be part of this project because for me the community is the most important.

    I remember when I started to play the game like a year ago I started with music contest, so I was going to play with my piano and share my content this content were related to the game there are a few songs about Splinterlands that I shared on hive community.


    To create another kind of content I mean cryptocurrency related or just music related I use the best front end on hive, well for me it's the best because it is really useful and have a lot of features that can help you on the blogging process, Peakd.

    @Peakd is a hive front end for hive blockchain, includes all the tools related and also a wonderful interface needed for me has a blogger, one of the things that I love about Peakd is that you are able to save a draft of many posts that are going to make in the future, so sometimes I type an idea a little related to music or any thought that I have and instead to use Microsoft word or another text block app I prefer to use Peakd because of that and also I can save a template about a post with the same theme.



    Another Dapp that I used to use is @threespeak because I love watching videos and also watch people talking about things and feeling feel free while I am watching videos it's awesome, press needs sites like that with free speech on a place where their thoughts can be shared with the world without get banned or their content could be deleted.

    I also sometimes I share videos on 3speak and it's great to know that someone from Japan watch your video or someone from Bangladesh makes you a comment, that means blockchain technology is a synonym of freedom because everything is recorded on blockchain and can't be deleted.

    I think Hive blockchain is beyond than just a crypto-currency social media because people can build Dapps and run it, we all together can make this a powerful blockchain and in the future we don't know if the most related reference for blogging on blockchain will be Hive, remembering @nathamars words.

    Hive is everyone's Bitcoin.

    Other Dapps that I am in touch are


    I usually have finance to read about cryptocurrency and also the front end is so beautiful because it shows you their focus on crypto on the tennis making an amazing job with finance content related.


    Sometimes I want to share little things but not a post just few words, D.buzz it's the best way to share Short news or microblogging with your friends on Hive.



    I usually use it to watch videos mostly and the community is focus on engagement, and working blockchain you can post on more than one blockchain also the content can be uploaded in different ways.



    I am a musician and when this game came out I decide to play it and it's great to find a way to be a rock star in a virtual world and earn crypto for it.


    #DAppShare - Make a Tutorial or Review of your Favorite Hive DApp


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