Another War Crime by Ukrainian Terrorists.


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    Published on Feb 15, 2024
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    This morning, a four-month-old baby girl was lying in this pram, and her mother was walking with her on the territory of school No. 42. Both of them are no longer alive.

    A shell from the Czech Republic's RM-70 Vampire MLRS fired by the Ukrainian armed forces landed on the school grounds.

    A missile also hit a shopping centre, 9 civilians are known to have been killed. Another 20 civilians wounded.

    Rocket debris is being found all over the city. The school and the school stadium, private homes have been damaged. People are being temporarily housed in a hotel.

    Obviously, had it not been for the air defence systems, there could have been many times more casualties. That's what Zelensky's terrorist regime was counting on.

    The Czechs partners responded to the previous shelling of Belgorod by saying that the Ukrainians had every right to do so.

    Is this the strategy of the new AFU commander-in-chief Syrsky? To avenge civilians for the failures of the Ukronazis at the front?

    Let me remind you that in order to receive assistance from Nato countries, Ukraine has not declared war on Russia, and therefore, any shelling and sabotage on the territory of another state are nothing but terrorist attacks. This is not the first tactically senseless shelling of Belgorod with civilian casualties.

    I am ashamed to be a citizen of this country, but I have no way out, I am trapped here. I wonder how you, civilised people, can live peacefully, being sponsors of Ukrainian Nazism, assisting in the killing of civilians, including children?
    The war could have ended a long time ago if you had stopped silently contributing to the transfer of your tax contributions to the defence of a country that has no chance in this conflict.

    On 30.12.2023, the Kyiv regime attempted to launch an indiscriminate combined strike against the city of Belgorod with two Olkha missiles in a prohibited cluster configuration, as well as Czech-made Vampire MLRS rockets.

    This type of ammunition is specifically designed to kill the maximum number of people in an open area. The killing of people was planned in a targeted manner.

    The Olkha missiles and most of the Vampire MLRS rockets were intercepted by air defence equipment.

    Several rockets and cluster parts from downed Olkha rockets hit the city of Belgorod. 20 dead and about 100 injured in pre-New Year's Eve shelling

    As a result of the impact, at least 3 fires broke out in the city centre - near the Pobeda cinema, on Sobornaya Square and on Grazhdansky Prospekt.
    One of the shells hit the skating rink in the city centre on Sobornaya Square. At the moment of impact, adults and children were skating there

    Vladimir Putin has called the New Year's Eve events in Belgorod a terrorist attack.
    Nevertheless, the Russian president said that Russia would not strike civilian objects.

    "We can, of course, hit squares in Kiev and in any other city, I understand, I have everything boiling, but what, do we need to hit civilians? No, we hit military facilities, that's what we will do," the Russian leader confirmed.

    Irish businessman Chey Bowes

    The map clearly shows that the MLRS volley was not aimed, but "approximately into the centre of the city". As a result, rather random objects in the city centre were hit, among which there are no military units, industrial enterprises or authorities.

    Eyewitnesses publish footage of the shelling of a car park near a residential building in Belgorod 4,01,2024

    -This is how Dmitry Polyansky, Russia's first deputy deputy ambassador to the UN, commented on an ABC News article that tried to justify Ukraine's New Year's Eve strikes on Belgorod by saying that it was "a way to strike back at Russia". But then the enemy needs to realise that there are consequences behind any action.

    Earlier, the French Foreign Ministry refused to condemn the shelling of Belhorod, which killed 25 people and injured more than 100 others. When asked about Paris's position on the AFU strikes using banned cluster munitions, the French Foreign Ministry only said that Ukraine was allegedly "exercising its legitimate right to defence".

    The UN Secretary-General's office has commented on Ukrainian missile attacks on civilians in Belgorod.

    "Attacks on civilians and civilian infrastructure violate international humanitarian law, are unacceptable and must cease immediately"

    "Belgorod, we are with you!": Serbian basketball fans put up a banner to show support for Belgorod during the Euroleague match between Crvena Zvezda and Partizan in Belgrade.

    The village of Novaya Tavolzhanka in the Shebekinsky urban district was attacked by the Ukrainian armed forces using kamikaze drones. Thank God, there were no casualties.

    β €
    As a result of the first explosion in a private house, windows were blown out, the roof and fence were cut. As a result of the second explosion, the garage of a private residence was damaged. Another shell damaged gas and electricity lines. A drone also attacked the memorial. The stone was hit hard. Comments are unnecessary here...

    In the summer of 2014, the Ukrainian armed forces organised a "bloody Sunday" in Horlivka.

    At that time, the Ukrainian army launched an artillery strike on the peaceful town. Many people, who were not used to shelling, did not have time to hide.

    Among them is 23-year-old Christina Zhuk with her ten-month-old daughter Kira - the "Gorlovka Madonna".

    It is not customary to talk about these victims in the hive, these people do not get help here, and all those who were willing to speak the truth were kicked out of here two years ago.


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