Near-Ukrainian Political Humour (selection #1)


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    Published on Jan 20, 2024
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    A joke that Zelensky was the first Jew to exterminate several hundred thousand Nazis is gaining popularity in Western social networks

    🔹It is actually very revealing that such a joke was born in the West. They don't value the lives of either Ukrainians or Russians. For the West it is a funny talk show, gladiatorial fights for fun

    A very topical meme about Zelensky sacrificing the population of Ukraine to the globalists

    Some more fun morning memes from western social networks:

    Apparently European taxpayers are beginning to realise that Putin is not to blame for the deterioration of their welfare

    The real concern of the president of Ukraine

    If you can't win, you shouldn't have started.

    Another topical pithy image

    Аnd such corrections in your press really piss off my pro-fascist countrymen.

    Or this...

    It's about how corporations see the war in Ukraine

    The Ukrainian system of military-patriotic education should be recognised as a separate kind of sadism.

    Ukrainian propaganda treats foreigners with the idiotic thesis that Russia stole its name from Ukraine
    Do they want to be called Russia again?

    This one is one of my favourites! It wasn't born out of nothing

    On the T-shirt and another patriot says that Ukraine was founded in 1645. And what about the ancient Ukrians? And the princes of Kiev? You can get beaten up for such things here, by the way

    What did you expect?

    The call of women, it turns out, is not an arbitrary act of the junta, which is carrying out genocide of the Ukrainian population, but a demand for equal rights on the part of women
    Well, we are waiting for Elena Zelenskaya under Krynki to demonstrate for the rights of women in Ukraine.

    And the foreign mercenaries are either complaining or it's their humour.

    American journalist Jack Posobiec suggests sending Zelensky to the snake island for imprisonment, hinting that the name of the island suits the Ukrainian president's nature very well


    It mean, when Iran allows the Husis to attack the US fleet, it will just be a tracing of Washington's actions?


    And then the French also paid their respects to the president of an independent

    A civil war, a fratricidal war.

    And this is how it all started on 17 January 2014, when the "best representatives of the nation" achieved the abolition of "Yanuovich's dictatorial laws" by a coup d'état

    Zelensky said in an interview with the British that he was frightened by Trump's claims that he was ready to stop the war in Ukraine

    The Cocaine Fuhrer is afraid the war will end. He wants it to last forever

    Don't be hostage to your delusions, realise reality with an open mind!

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