Pokemon Emerald Randomised & Nuzlocke Part #6 - Will I pass Slateport gym without a loss


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    Published on Apr 09, 2023
    About :

    Slateport gym is where I am careful

    Welcome to the sixth episode of me playing Pokemon Emerald, modified with a randomiser to change up the starter Pokemon you choose from, what appears in the wild and trainer Pokemon plus some other tweaks.

    It was time to head to Slateport to deliver the letter, but of course there is a gym and some trainer battles here.
    Almost lose my Makuhita, got so lucky to land on 1hp and I quickly switch out to my Larvitar and finish off the Seel.

    What will the trainers in Slateport gym have in their team?
    Well a Mareep comes out first which hurts my Makuhita so I get out Larvitar due to rock types eing good against electric..

    Double fight comes up next with a Carvanha plus Natu to face off against. Natu gets hurt bad from bite being super effective, but Carvanha takes a bit to beat, either way I get the win with no losses so far which I am happy about!

    Some extra fights happen and I get lucky to lose no Pokemon so far.. now Brawley the gym leader, is up to the chopping block as I start off with my Nuzleaf which has evolved from Seedot and now has Nature Power for some nice damage!
    Poliwag takes time to beat amongst the potions and Hypnosis, Pidgey follows after and is a higher level, then it bares down to Slakoth for the final Pokemon in brawley's party.

    Watch how I go through this battle and be excited for whatever else is to come!

    This is just the start and I need to ensure I don't lose any Pokemon until I have leveled spare Pokemon, so I can better progress through and beat gyms. So keep tuned to see how I go with this Nuzlocke challenge.

    The Nuzlocke challenge has 2 rules you MUST use.. You may only catch the first Pokemon in each area which if it is a double battle, you can choose which of the two you catch but if it faints or runs away then bad luck. Other rule is if a Pokemon in your party faints, it must be released and cannot be used (but like others you can replace it with the optional rule, or storing it in the box for good which I do).

    Streamlabs OBS used for recording and setting the scene with the Pokemon font, my avatar and the game picture for what I am playing.

    Emulator used: RetroArch
    ROMS: They are the games
    Saving: (Only for crashes and not to load since it is a Nuzlocke challenge) Using emulator saving between levels or occasionally in tough parts so I don't always die and repeat so then the game can get completed.

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