Power, Money, and Me Me Me (Video Version)


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    Published on Jun 06, 2021
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    Hi Everyone,


    In the video in this post, I revisit the topics of my written post Power, Money and Me Me Me. I believe the ideas covered in the original written post are very important. These ideas include our perceptions of value and our perceptions of how to obtain value. There is a strong focus on how our perceptions shape rational thought and behaviour. The post and this video contain discussions about how our behaviour affects other people. Our perceptions of other people and our level of regard for them often influence this behaviour. An important part of both the post and video are the discussions about how people reach certain goals in life.

    The video focuses on obtaining money and power and how these pursuits are often likely to be interlinked. Acquiring monetary wealth enables a person to influence power. This could lead to having power directly or helping someone else obtain power. Helping someone else obtain power is likely to be rewarded with even more monetary wealth. People who reach positions of power are likely do so because they desire it the most. They are also likely to desire power considerably more than what they desire of anything else; thus making it a key focus of their life. Once they reach a position of power, they are likely to be focused on either maintaining that power or expanding that power even further. Ultimately, this results in power hungry people reaching positions of power. This will occur regardless of the process that put them in power. For example, representative democracy only gives the voters a choice between various power-driven people (normally two) as only the most power-driven people will ever be or put in a position to become an elected leader.

    What’s in the video?


    Below are the main sections of the video and the timings in the video where I discuss these sections.

    • Introduction to Power, Money, and Me Me Me (0:08 minutes)
    • Rational behaviour and perception (1:15 minutes)
    • Our perceptions about what gives us value (3:10 minutes)
    • Rational behaviour and altruism (5:00 minutes)
    • Perceptions about what we want, how we are going to get it, and what we are willing to give up to get it (6:30 minutes)
    • The influence perceptions have on our decision-making process (9:00 minutes)
    • Effect of emotion on rational behaviour (10:50 minutes)
    • Effect of education on rational behaviour (12:20 minutes)
    • What are we willing to sacrifice to become or remain wealthy (13:30 minutes)
    • Wealthiest because of the desire to be wealthy (15:00 minutes)
    • Powerful because of the desire to be powerful (16:40 minutes)
    • Important connections between wealth and power (18:00 minutes)
    • Power and wealth and implications about world leaders and Government (19:55 minutes)
    • Summary of main and important points of the video (22:30 minutes)

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