Non-Flying Melee and Ranged Attackers Are Incompetent Against Regal Peryton


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    Published on Dec 22, 2021
    About :

    Regal Peryton is a very intelligent monster that has the ability to fly and can attack with magic attack. Non-flying monsters who hit with melee and ranged attacks have a very hard time damaging Regal Peryton's health. Regal Peryton, who has the ability to fly, has a very high chance to evade melee and ranged attackers. But Regal Peryton can't escape monsters that have the ability to fly or can do magic attacks. Knowing this, you need to determine a good strategy according to the opposing team and build a team accordingly.

    So if you have Regal Peryton on your team, you will have a better chance of winning the battle if the opposing team does not have monsters that have the ability to fly and can do magic attacks. Regal Peryton is one of my favorite monsters in the Earth Unit. I definitely add it to the team in many battles and it is very effective and performs very well in battles.

    You can watch the battles in the video to see Regal Peryton's performance in battles.

    Battle Link 1 - Battle Link 2 - Battle Link 3 - Battle Link 4

    If you choose OBSIDIAN as the summoner, you can increase Regal Peryton's magic attack by +1. This will allow it to hit enemy monsters with more devastating hit attack. OBSIDIAN gives +1 Magic Attack to all friendly Monsters. When I add Regal Peryton to the team, I always choose OBSIDIAN as the summoner.

    Unicorn Mustangs are one of the best monsters that can reduce the damage of magic attack. It is a really effective Monster against magic attacks. But even Unicorn Mustangs are ineffective against Regal Peryton. You can see it from the battles in the video.

    Regal Peryton Lore

    They say there is nothing more beautiful than a Regal Peryton. They prefer to live in the mountains all across the Splinterlands, rarely seen by others. When they soar through the skies, the sunlight catches through their wings and creates rainbows underneath them. Regal Perytons are highly intelligent and consider themselves noble guardians of the natural world, using their magic to help others.
    Rihue lay upon a rocky outcropping on the side of the mountain, shivering beneath an overcast sky. He stared at his ruined leg and his broken ankle.

    He’d been hunting game and gathering fruits and berries for his wife and daughter who lived back home in their little cabin when he’d slipped and shattered his leg on the rocks. He’d shouted himself hoarse, but it was no use. No one could hear him. No one was coming.

    That had been three days ago. His food and water were gone. He couldn’t make it back down the mountain on his own. He was going to die.

    But then Rihue heard a call like that of a bird and saw a creature descending through the sky toward him. It had the head and body of a stag, with massive antlers upon its head, but instead of forelegs, two mighty wings grew from its shoulders. Its coat and feathers were white and shades of purple, and it was the most beautiful creature Rihue had ever seen.

    The Regal Peryton landed beside him on the outcropping and regarding him with one intelligent eye. Then it lowered itself and, with a nod of its majestic head, extended a wing.

    Rihue crawled toward it, up the wing and onto the creatures back. He clung tightly as it spread its wings and soared into the sky, down the mountain, and toward salvation.

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