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    Published on Aug 29, 2022
    About :

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    When I started on #Hive, the first thing catch my attention and I loved was Hivers aren't toxics. I came from Twitter and you know there is a fucking hell. But in these days I've noticed some people being toxic on Hive. Of course not in the same way as Twitter or Reddit, and never with offenses and aggression, but I saw people attacking other because they don't correspond their comments. And I understand if you support someone content, you want to be at least answered, it's a good sample of education.

    But what happened when the other people have problems what we don't know, I mean, we're humans, and people have a life and family and jobs... So, before be toxic (I think there's no reason to be toxic), wait at least 24hrs, or just let it pass. Even if you're a big fan, or you've voted with 100%, or even you're the community creator or curator, don't be toxic.


    … With a taste of a poison paradise
    I'm addicted to you
    Don't you know that you're toxic?

    The another think that I speak on this video, it's about some curators that have the criteria that if you publish everyday if because you want to make more money and that is bad. Ok, I understand, and I agree with the 80% of that thoughts, but as in life, everything isn't absolute. What about the people who are creating no just one post, although two post per day, because they have something to say? I mean good posts... I know a lot of creators who are very prolifers.

    Who tells Borges that he couldn't write more than one great poem per day? I know that's a really high example. But keep in mind, if they are great creators, there is no reason to be not curated. Maybe you can curate only two or three post per day, or just leave that work to another curators, but sometimes terrible content are curated and others good not, that's unfair.

    Well that's all I want to tell you today, please give me feedback on the comments, it helps a lot.

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