A musical gift we got during our stay in Italy


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    Published on Nov 03, 2022
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    The phrase Once upon a time... crossed my mind as a possible beginning of this post. The story about the moments that will be presented here can be taken out just from my memory. Well, as a help I do have a few photos and a short video so the story can be reinforced. Like holding in my hand a tale book, those what we had in our childhood.

    But that tale feeling would be appropriate just if I would not know the date when this happened and if it would be real magic that I witnessed. But the truth is not that mysterious, we have the answers to both questions.

    When? - The thing happened at the beginning of July, in the city of Vicenza in Italy.
    What? - A rehearsal of a concert, and not the concert itself.

    Although I was so sorry that our stay was just for that day (and not for the next day when the real concert took place) I can say that I was lucky enough to see this rehearsal. Just one day of difference... Anyway, the rehearsal was nice and promised a good concert for the next day.

    The stage was placed in the main square of the city, Piazza dei Signori. There were cameras all around to shoot the event - the main event of the next day, but a few cameras were recording also the rehearsal. Those cameras that were not used were covered, to protect them from the rain.


    Well, those that were used were covered too, now I see that little detail in my photos...
    I am not surprised, as I also mentioned in my previous post about Vicenza, it was almost always raining when we were there. If not rain, then at least it was cloudy. This time we had luck. No umbrella was needed for touring the city during the afternoon.



    So, how did we get there?
    It was not planned to listen to this rehearsal as we didn't know about it. We were just strolling around, with our Italian Hive friends and we heard music from somewhere. There were a few street musicians in the other streets but clearly, we heard orchestra sound, not just one guitar or one violin tune. Strings and wind instruments played together making harmony. Our feet walked towards that place and our eyes finally could enjoy the scenery you are seeing in this post.



    Our ears also enjoyed it but we still didn't know anything about this concert. I just heard beautiful music, although it was just a rehearsal and they were testing the sound. The director of the orchestra was consulting the sound technicians and there were parts that the musicians had to repeat a few times to get the desired sound balance. A rehearsal can seem like a not important part of the concert, but actually, without them, it is not possible to hold a concert. Not to mention the importance of a rehearsal for an orchestra, as the musicians have to tune together, and get used to the director and to the sound. A lot of work.


    So all this work made by the musicians, sound and video technicians and organizers was to honour one person - Paolo Rossi. Apparently, a very loved and appreciated football player, but guess what!
    I know nothing about football and football players.


    I could read about him and his life and maybe say a few words on that topic, but it is not the point. I think it is enough to mention that the event had the intention to remember the 40th anniversary of the World Cup victory and this football player, Pablito. The orchestra that played was the Italian Symphonic Rhythmic Orchestra, directed by Diego Basso.

    What is important to highlight is our time spent there, seeing all of the people working around the concert and rehearsal, and listening to music.

    Just a rehearsal? It's ok, it was nice too, although I wished we were there the next day...
    And thinking it better, maybe attending the main event would not be as exciting as finding this musical moment that came as a gift, out of nowhere in our travel through Italy.


    Just a few short videos put together are coming here to give an auditive insight about the happenings on the main square of Vicenza. Now, I can delete them from my phone, as @ksam did with the videos he kept for several months until he published this post.

    Maybe I have proven that I am also among the top procrastinators.

    A champion?

    No, I think there are others that can beat me in this category :D


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    music concert story rehearsal travel italy paolorossi

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