✈️#911Truth Part 14: Building 7 Turning to Dust for Over 7 Hours (Fast Forward 45X Speed)


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    Published on Sep 03, 2020
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    In #911Truth Part 14 I have compiled together in chronological order what may very well be the most complete picture of what actually happened to Building 7: which is it got turned to dust gradually from inside out for 7 hours before falling like a hollowed out shell. World Trade Center 7 (also referred to as WTC 7, Salomon Brothers building, or “Building 7”) has been far too often used erroneously (intentionally and unintentionally) as “proof” of conventional controlled demolition; and often by only showing the few seconds where it falls down (albeit extremely quietly leaving very little rubble or seismic impact or projectiles as would be expected from anything conventional). But removing all mainstream and “mainstream alternative” narratives aside, our eyes show us exactly what happened…

    I have stitched together 8 videos and sped up the majority at 45X speed to give a complete and concise view of Building 7 turning into dust, much like the rest of World Trade Center complex (which consisted of 7 buildings in total including the Twin Towers WTC 1 and 2). A full description and screenshots of the main events in each video is shown in the accompanying Hive post: https://peakd.com/history/@mes/911truth-part-14-building-7-turning-to-dust-for-over-7-hours-fast-forward-45x-speed

    The original videos with sound are shown in the following “EnhancedWTCVideos” YouTube channel, and which obtains the videos from a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request from the National Institute of (coverup) Science and (coverup) Technology (NIST). They are listed below along with the timestamps.

    1. @ 0:00 –
      • WTC 7 not dustifying until WTC 1 falls at 10:28:22 AM.
    2. @ 1:11 –
      • Better angle of WTC 7 beginning to dustify after WTC 1 falls.
    3. @ 2:50 –
      • Dustification of WTC 7 at unconfirmed time: Likely 1 PM to 2 PM.
    4. @ 5:01 –
      • Dustification of WTC 7 from: 1:59:53 PM to 2:50:09 PM.
    5. @ 6:22 –
      • Dustification of WTC 7 from one side at unconfirmed time: between 3 PM and 4 PM?
    6. @ 7:59 –
      • Dustification and fall of WTC 7 from 5:05:45 PM to 6:00:05 PM.
      • WTC 7 falls at about 5:20:52 PM (dustification of about 7 hours).
    7. @ 9:41 –
      • WTC 7 rubble still fuming/dustifying at unconfirmed time: September 12th or 13th?
    8. @ 11:19 –
      • WTC 7 rubble still fuming/dustifying at unconfirmed time: September 18th or 19th?

    At the end of the 8th video and overall video in general, I have included what appears to be a memorial to the firefighters that lost their lives during 9/11… #NeverForget

    Stay tuned for #911Truth Part 15...

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