Toxic actions - Is it an expression of unresolved, same sex, love ?


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    Published on Jun 15, 2021
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    If attention is the most basic expression of love , as the expert pscyologists say that it is , then no matter how toxic a behavior appears - attention is giving love.

    Whether this has anything to with unresolved homsoexual feelings or not, isn't relevant, I just thought I'd throw that in there, to stir things up.

    If internal unresolved pscycological issues are not addressed from childhood, they become malformed pathologies. (such as being told that fancying other men is wrong)
    Unresolved issues may mean that a persons pschycology is maladjusted.

    This means black can be white, up can be down, and anger can be expressed as love - just as love can be shown as toxic attention....
    In extreme cirimstances, having the hot's for someone of the same sex may result in 'gay bashing', and other negative and very unhelathy actions.
    *Or downvoting indiscrimnately on Hive accounts, for months on end, for no reason...

    There are several approches to helping people with maladjusted pathologies.
    Some say that a long period of psychoanalysis works, while others say
    it 's a long, deep, personal journey of introspection.

    @lucylin's approach is slightly different....

    Lucylin's radical approach means mocking the fuckers until you break through their delusions, thus forcing them to enter into the world of sanity.
    It has yet to proven if this method actually works, but it's fun trying it out !

    *Note: This method is best applied by individuals who tend to be low in empathy, and don't give a flying fuck about hurting snowflakey and very delusional individuals, and their unreality.

    Dosage of mockery is best kept at once per day, until sleepless nights and pscyotic breaks occur, and by doing so, hopefully helping to crack open the mind to reality. (either that, or they have stroke).

    Symptoms of breaking delusions, and entering into the real world include overwhelming urges to upvote previously downvoted posts, and a strong emotional attachment to the person that applied the mockery.

    If the cause for the maladjusted pathology is homoerotic in nature, individuals may find themselves listening to Queen all day, and trying to grow a moustache while coming to terms with things.

    Intermittent breakthroughs (called TPE, or Thought Proccesses Emerging), may include stalking , and an intense self loathing.
    This self lothing can express as an overwhelming desire to look ridiculous, be laughed at by everyone, and to get into arguments that they have no hope of winning .
    (often to the sounds of 'bless' and much giggling, from spectators).

    It's a mercy mocking....or something like that.

    No thinking people were hurt during the making of this video.

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