Battling in Bronze League Feat Obsidian, Kelya, Thaddius/Windeku in 4 Battles


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    Published on Dec 29, 2021
    About :

    Hello everyone and welcome to my first video commentary about Splinterlands
    Sorry for my strained voice and I hope it'll be clear for you to hear.
    So instead of doing a blog post, I wanted to make a video commentary about 4 Battles I had in Bronze League and hopefully you'll be learning for it:

    1st Battle: The problem with Earth Magic Monsters

    I was expecting the current Magic Earth Monsters to be dominating the META like it happened with Alric, however it's been struggling
    Magic Monsters are too slow with mostly 1-2 speed compared to Death Monsters that are ranging at 2-4 speed
    Moreover, Thaddius -1 Magic Debuff and the lack of protection (only with Taunt from Mycelia and No protect) make Magic monsters an easy prey to sneak death monsters.

    2nd Battle: Win the match before it begins

    This battle I'm faced against, probably a bot, who played his last 4 matchs with the same team composition: Windeku + 2-3 Sneak.
    Putting Venari Knifer with Thorns in the last position and Regal Paryton as a tank for it's high speed and flying (high dodge chance)
    So watch how I win this battle before even starting

    3rd Battle: Water Kelya summoner in good!

    Since the removal of Alric from the starter deck, the water monsters lost a lot of their popularity.
    But trying the composition with Kelya a summoner, Serpent of Eld high speed and dodge, Venari providing more Armor, and opportunity monster hurting like a truck and Scavo reparing the armor, it's enough to tilt the opponent!

    4th battle: All Sneak? No problem!

    I do believe in all Sneak battles, Having Thorns in last position is a must, and watch how the entire enemy comp is suiciding to the Thorn damage!
    Luckily, I usually mix my damage just in case I'm faced with something like Living Lava, If it wasn't for Life Sapper, it'll most likely be lost!

    I hope you did enjoy the content. If you didn't join splinterlands yet fell free to use this Link

    Tags :

    oneup spt pgm splinterlands play2earn hive strategy neoxian 3speak

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