[GodsUnchained]The Nature Way Deck Comp... Am i a Nature NPC ?


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    Published on Jan 03, 2022
    About :


    When i realized that i am building up and buying only Nature cards, i started to wonder if Gods Unchained is a metaverse, am i a Nature NPC? You know like those on pokemon who always walks on the forest, closer to a waterfall in the jungle and for sure the with the grass pokemons. haha i think im closer to that.

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    Before introduce my deck i want to say some words!

    Maybe its a coincidence or maybe the Nature GODs still talking to me trough the internet, but i got to say to you that nature vibe is rooted in my life. Thanks to @jungleboy1 i have the opportunity to links those elements an bring a content that mixes a little of my real life with the metaverse of Gods Unchained.

    So, i'm not kidding when i say that NATURE VIBE is my deal.


    One of the things i like to do at most in my vacations or free days time, is to take a trail inside the forests and get to a waterfal, to me this experience brings a connection to my body, mind an soul.


    Similarities aside, it was instinct for me to start my journey in Gods Unchained with a nature deck comp.

    The Journey have started months ago, i did some posts about the construction of my deck that i will show. But notice that in this post i will talk about the final version that i'm using today.


    My first nature deck post, was published 25 days ago. Based at Big Beast Archetype he was an useful deck who allowed me to climb from Twilight Shadow to Midnight Shadow, with a super cheap deck. I didn't buy any of those cards, got them from weekend events and core lvl packs. So if you want a low budget nature to achiev Midnight Shadow, there he is:



    After collect some rewards with this main deck, i decided to invest some of my gains in order to achieve higher ranks, and I UPGRADED MY NATURE DECK, and thanks to this improvement i climbed up from Auric Gold to Solar Gold in the week after. You can check my purchase on the post an here is a resume of him with additions.



    • TO BE OR NOT TO BE •

    At this moment i was thinking like... Man, i need to build a Zombie deck, i'm getting my ass kicked by those fookers! So i did the maths and noticed that would be hard to change to a brand new God, and also why change to Death God? i do like the Nature. The little devil at the behest of the god of death manifested trying to attract me to his side, through Some Juicy Rewards. But the Nature spirit in my soul talked louder and i recovered my senses and decided to improve even more my Nature Deck.



    Now we go trough new fresh content that i didn't published yet. I bought some new cards for my nature deck. Since my deck it's a instinctive build, i'm upgrading him by the cards i see at my battles. I noticed that Nature has a lot of powerful cards. And here is the ones that i had to buy.



    From that, i did some change and thats is my The Nature Way deck:


    He is a mid-range control deck with nice removals and the possibility to draw a lot of cards. In the first compositions it has more early cards, but the deal is if you can handle the firsts round it will be hard to your opponent bets you.


    This combo is just sick, the matches when you can put that combo in table is really hard to the opponent clear the board. Most of games this armored jaguar still firm during all the match.


    In order to keep pushing to mid game, if you place this play at the board its almost a check on the game, believe in me, it's truly hard to remove a +3 armor Healing monster.


    Meanwhile to don't trade your monsters until they get buffed, you have this low cost removals, including Lightning Strike which is a hard removal 3 mana cost.


    Those two cards has a insane value when activated. The chance to draw a legendary nature is high, but any card is a +1 at your hand. In case of Celestial Stag the Sanctum monsters also triggers his ability and if you play the Celestial Stag the next monster you play in same turn will trigger his ability.


    If you played it right, the time you use those big beasts is checkmate. Your opponent who probably spent all to remove your buffed early wilds will gonna cry.


    I'm Runing this deck to try to get Etheral Diamond, but it has been difficult. Anyways with this deck you can achieve Solar Gold after a while.



    That's it ! Hope you guys like my deck composition. Also check out the Nature Deck Contest hosted by @jungleboy1
    See you guys at the battlefield!

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