The Curious Case of Collapsing Athletes: Dropping Like Flies


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    Published on Dec 02, 2021
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    Athletes around the world have been suddenly collapsing at unprecedented rates this year, following the launching of the injection campaign at the end of 2020. The majority of these sudden collapses have been caused by heart problems (mycarditis, pericarditis, heart attacks, cardiac arrest) and to a lesser extent blood clotting, both of which are known and acknowledged risks associated with the expermental injections. From professional playing fields to highschool athletes, players, coaches and referees are dropping like flies, the problem becoming increasingly widespread to the point that these sudden collapses are now taking place on a daily basis. Many are dying, and most of those who recover can play no more, and for professional athletes this might even mean the permanent loss of their career.

    Documentation of the collapsing athlete occurences - sources:

    Comprehensive list of links to individual news stories by J Wilderness (@jonboka) - What's Going On? Vol. 1 & 2:
    When Is Enough, ENOUGH! by @trucklife-family (more links):

    The Last American Vagabond (@tlavagabond) coverage/documentation -

    Collapsing Athletes:

    Children/Athletes Are Collapsing & Dying From "Sudden Cardiac Arrest" At Unprecedented Levels:

    The Pandemic Illusion & The Ongoing Coverup Of Collapsing Athlete Myocarditis/Sudden Cardiac Arrest:

    German Newspaper Highlights “Unusually Large” Number of Soccer Players Who Have Collapsed Recently:

    German report:

    In fact, at least 183 FIFA soccer players across Europe have experienced sudden cardiac arrest or other heart failure causing sudden collapse (including myocarditis), and 108 of those have died from their injuries. The German Heart Foundation states: "Depending on the study, there are between 0.7 and 3.0 deaths per 100,000 sports enthusiasts per year." In 2006, there were 265,000 members of FIFA. Even if it has since grown to 300,000, 108 deaths in 2021 would still be about 11 to 33x higher than usual! And the year is still not over yet with new life-threatening collapses currently occuring on a nearly daily basis now...

    Previously, “Sudden Cardiac Arrest Rare for Adults Engaged in Sports,” as a 2015 study published in the American Heart Association journal Circulation found. Meanwhile, A 10-year review of sudden death during sporting activities published in the NIH library of medicine in 2018 found an “incidence rate of 0.76-1.49 per 100,000 participant-years,” confirming that: “Sudden cardiac death during sport is rare.” Until 2021 that is; now it is no longer rare at all and becoming increasingly common with each passing month as populations are becoming increasingly vaccinated. Analysis of the data reveals a 5-fold increase in sudden cardiac deaths of FIFA players in 2021, as reported by Dr. Yaffa Shir-Raz:
    The problem has become far too prevalent to be ignored. Former Pro Calls For "Investigation" After Another Soccer Player Suddenly Collapses:

    And the proof that these injections are causing the type of heart problems responsible for this unprecedented surge in collapsing athletes continues to stack up. Injections double your risk of heart problems, study finds, and has increased the rate of stillborn babies by 29x at the same time:

    Mrna COVID Vaccines Dramatically Increase Endothelial Inflammatory Markers and ACS Risk as Measured by the PULS Cardiac Test: a Warning -

    Comprehensive investigations revealed consistent pathophysiological alterations after vaccination with COVID-19 vaccines:

    Above study confirms injection negatively influences recipients 'in a way as if they experienced infection', upregulating cells related to “coagulation” (blood clotting) and “inflammatory response,” as would be expected if the shot is inducing inflammation, such as heart inflammation (myocarditis):

    We’ve Never Seen Vaccine Injuries on This Scale — Why Are Regulatory Agencies Hiding COVID Vaccine Safety Signals?:

    The COVID vaccines are the most dangerous vaccines in human history… by a long shot:

    This scale of harm is unsprising considering they are toxic, and are injecting into the body among other things instructions to create a highly toxic disease-causing spike protien:

    Actively suppressing known risk of harm and documented injuries is a crime, and this injection coercion campaign is absolutely a crime against humanity in more ways than one - Crime Against Humanity: Suppressed ‘Vaccine’ Harms, a Deadly Injection & the Criminal Nature of This Entire Coercion Campaign:

    Silenced & Censored: The Untold Story of COVID ‘Vaccine’ Injuries - A Documentary:

    So what is going on with all of the suddenly collapsing athletes this year? Of all the theories about possible causes for this phenomenon, and given the available evidence, there is only one reasonably likely possibility, and it doesn't take a genius to figure it out. I think it might be time for people to start waking up to the reality of what's really going on here with this injection campaign.

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