US Worker Rebellion Grows as Resistance to Vaxx Mandates Intensifies


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    Published on Nov 17, 2021
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    Video: Ron Paul Liberty Report covers the growing worker rebellion against forced injection agenda.

    It started with a mass exodus of healthcare workers in response to the corporate and state mandates implemented across the country requiring workers to take the experimental 'Covid19' injections as a condition of employment, and already by the end of the summer resistance to these tyrannical policies had become so widepread that nursing shortages had admittedly pushed the entire US healthcare system to the brink of collapse. With over 50% of American nurses and about half of US servicemembers initially resistant to the injection, those who do not wish to join the global experiment are clearly not a fringe minority as the media depicts this staunch resistance to these technocratic apartheid policies. Along with a growing number of protests around the country, healthcare workers facing termination over noncompliance with mandates have staged walkouts from numerous healthcare facilities enforcing the apartheid policies.

    And although the mandates have been somewhat successful at coercing unwilling recipients into getting the jab, the coercion campaign has nonetheless featured rather underwhelming results, and hasn't been nearly as successful as the media propagandists and mandate proponents attempt to portray it. Despite state and corporate mandates affecting a large swath of healthcare facilities, for example, as many as 20-40% of nurses or more at numerous hospitals across the country have either resigned, been fired or face imminent termination over their refusal to comply. Alongside nurses, frontline workers in cities with Mayors who have announced city worker vaxx mandates have also been among the most adamantly outspoken against this injection coercion campaign, with massive protests erupting in such places as NYC, Newark and LA, where thousands of teachers, firefighters, police and other city workers continue to stand strong in their refusal to comply, despite that choice costing them their jobs.

    In NYC, at least 5,000 protesters marched across Brooklyn Bridge on October 25 in a large show of unified resistance and call for widespread noncompliance with the Mayor's tyrannical order, and media reports later indicated that a whopping 40% of the city's sanitation workers had missed the mandate deadline, and were among the approximately 26,000 total unvaccinated city workers put on unpaid leave. With a total of only 72% of NYC firefighters opting to get vaccinated, even in the final days before the deadline, FDNY announced at the end of October that it was forced to close 26 firehouses due to the mandate-induced staff shortage. Vaccination rates among black Americans is especially low, particularly in New York with over 70% of black NYC residents unvaccinated, and as such the NYC mandates are not only tyrannical, even requiring proof of injection for entry into a wide variety of public venues including resturaunts, but they are also inherently rascist.

    With a 30-40% rate of frontline worker noncompliance across numerous agencies despite immediate loss of pay, staunch resistance to the mandavaxx march of madness is quite clearly not isolated, but rather widespread and growing, uniting many once divided Americans in the common fight for the freedom of us all. And with many companies beginning to enforce the unconstitutional nationwide Biden employee mandate being implemented by OSHA well before the rule's deadline and despite a US appeals court having temporarily blocked it due to "grave...constitutional issues," even establishment outlets have been forced to acknowledge that there is a large and growing worker rebellion in response to this tyranny. The Biden executive order/OSHA rule attempts to force businesses with 100 or more employees to mandate the shot for their workers, but this is proving more difficult than the mandavaxxers would have liked. 27 states introduced lawsuits seeking to block the federal mandate on constitutional grounds, and although the rule was immediately blocked in court and the initial stay later upheld by the court, the White House nevertheless urged companies to continue forward with enforcement of the 'law' that is currently blocked by the court and thus not law at all, while the OSHA rule itself had in fact not even been written yet when many of the companies first began 'enforcing' it!

    The blatantly lawless nature of the implemenation of this tyranny has done nothing to slow or stop the worker rebellion it has sparked, and a few businesses have also come out and publically stated that they will not be complying by enforcing the rule. On November 2 a Reuters headline reads, "From Boeing to Mercedes, a U.S. worker rebellion swells over vaccine mandates," and gives readers some insight into the true scope and nature of the worker rebellion currently sweeping the nation.

    In Wichita, Kansas, nearly half of the roughly 10,000 employees at aircraft companies Textron Inc (TXT.N) and Spirit AeroSystems (SPR.N) remain unvaccinated against COVID-19, risking their jobs in defiance of a federal mandate, according to a union official.

    A 50% rate of noncompliance in large aircraft companies is not a sign that bodes well for those advancing the injection coercion campaign. But that is only the tip of the iceberg. Reuters also reported that some 8,000 Boeing employees, about 6% of its workforce of 125,000, had already filed for exemptions, and didn't not how many additional unvaccinated employees there were who hadn't applied for an exemption. Dozens of Boeing employees who "said they would rather be escorted off Boeing property on Dec. 8 than take a vaccine" gathered outside Boeing property near Seattle to protest the company's mandate in mid-October, and such protests are taking place across the country on an almost daily basis now.

    "The mandate is illegal, immoral and impractical," said one veteran Boeing program analyst who attended the rally. "We are standing together against a company and government trampling on our rights."

    Among other large companies referenced in the Reuters piece which are set to take a big hit by the worker rebellion is the defense contractor Raytheon, the CEO of which warned would lose "several thousand" employees due to the [now blocked] mandate, a "group representing FedEx Corp (FDX.N), United Parcel Service Inc (UPS.N) and other cargo carriers," which said it would be "virtually impossible" to have their workers vaccinated by the deadline, and the foreign automobile manufacturor Mercedes-Benz which has made injection a condition of employment starting January 4th, and yet: "Less than half of the company's workers at U.S. import processing centers are vaccinated and many refuse to get a shot, according to a source familiar with the matter."

    Interestingly enough, this resistance is no longer coming only from those who are personally opposed to receiving the injection, if it ever was, according to the head of a Machinist union, Cornell Beard, who also said, "We're going to lose a lot of employees over this."

    Many workers did not object to the vaccines as such, he said, but were staunchly opposed to what they see as government meddling in personal health decisions.

    A "life-long democrat," this is just one of countless Americans being turned against the party they had once supported: "They'll never get another vote from me and I'm telling the workers here the same thing." As much as the media attempts to make this mass resistance out to be nothing but a bunch of fringe conspiracy theorist, right wing 'anti-vaxxers', and the issue a strictly partisan one, the reality is that many democrats, former democrats, and even many of those who made the personal choice to get the experimental injection are among those resisting this tyrannical medical apartheid prison society being built around us. In the face of the most rapid advancement of tyranical totalitartianism this country has ever seen, Americans and people all around the world are increasingly uniting in opposition to this march of tyranny and in support of medical freedom and the basic human rights of us all.

    On October 31, The Los Angeles Times reported that, "Los Angeles County Sheriff Alex Villanueva continues to rail against the county’s vaccine mandate, warning it is causing a 'mass exodus' in his department and threatens public safety at a time when violent crime is on the rise."

    “I have repeatedly stated the dangers to public safety when 20% to 30% of my workforce is no longer available to provide service, and those dangers are quickly becoming a reality,” Villanueva said in a statement that he posted on social media last week. “We are experiencing an increase in unscheduled retirements, worker compensation claims, employees quitting, and a reduction in qualified applicants.”

    The County mandate required all public workers to register their vaccination status with the state by October 1, but only 79% of the Sheriff's Department had complied by November, and although the order also requires the injection, a great many more are not getting the injection, with just over half of all Sheriff Department employees fully vaccinated and only 40% of sworn personel fully vaccinated.

    From LA to NYC, and Oregon to Washington, law enforcement officers who's agencies are mandating vaccination in response to state and local orders are resigning in droves. Fox News also recently reported on a Navy Seal who blew the whistle on countless Seals who were leaving the forces in response to the Pentagon's mandate for all military personnel. Some 12,000 Air Force personnel have also refused to comply with the orders, and at least 12,500 Marines (7% of the force) who have so far refused to get the jab, and about the same number who have only gotten the first injection. So thousands of active duty military personnel are now also facing imminent termination, and we will see how this standoff ends, and if the Pentagon actually follows through with threats to fire so many thousands of its troops at once.

    There is at this point no industry that has been left unscathed by this tyrannical agenda to force these injections on all of humanity, nor is there any industry untouched by the mass resistance that has risen in opposition to these apartheid policies. With a worker rebellion this vast and growing by the day, the entire US economy inches closer to complete collapse by the day. Not only are there dozens upon dozens of cargo ships idly floating off the coast of California awaiting unloading due to worker shortages, but US prisons are also facing extreme staffing shortages as noncompliance with federal vaxx mandates among prison guards are only making a bad problem worse.

    As Ron Paul notes, it may in fact be the goal of the psychopaths advancing this totalitarian agenda to spark a complete financial collapse, in order to facilitate a complete overhaul of the system, so they can "Build Back Better," a key component of the "Great Reset" agenda to enslave humanity within the prison planet ruled by the technocratic biosecurity state that is rising out of the ashes of destruction which their destructive 'pandemic' measures have wrought. Meanwhile, the whole world is increasingly uniting in resistance, as the war for the soul of humanity continues to intensify. The Revolution is well underway, and the more of those who are willing to stand by their convictions to defy the tyranny, the sooner the whole tyrannical system will collapse. Without mass compliance, there can be no functional apartheid, no medical tyranny, and no technocratic world order. The sooner we stop obeying, the sooner the insanity ends.

    And, as all of the evidence continues to suggest, we who are resisting this madness are the majority, or at the very least a very, very large minority. The mandavaxxers are now pushing these injections on children 5-11, and yet a Twitter poll hosted by a prominent pro-vaxx user found that 92% of the 173,429 respondents would never inject their kids, even if it was mandated.

    The tides appear to be turning, rebellion is growing, and the establishment has hit a brick wall of resistance. A storm is certianly brewing.

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