4 Strategies of the Dark Side - How the Forces of Darkness Enslave Humanity (Aaron Abke)


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    Published on Nov 29, 2021
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    In this extremely informative and relavent video podcast, Aaron Abke details the 4 main strategies used by the forces of darkness to enslave humanity and empower the systems of control keeping this world in darkness and humanity in mental, spiritual and physical bondage. Although many will surely recognize these strategies, this is the most concise and enlightening breakdown of the primary mechanisms of oppression and enslavement used by the dark forces on this planet that I have seen, and includes one of the most powerful exposes of the institutionalized slavery here in the US, from Big Pharma to the corporate media and Military Industrial Complex. Although the specific means of oppression and enslavement change throughout time, the strategies themselves never change, with the very same strategies of control currently being used by the orchestrators of the Convid 1984 "Great Reset" march of tyranny agenda fundamentally no different from those utilized by Hitler, Pol Pot, the Catholic Church in the dark ages, the Roman Empire, and every other dictator, tyrant and empire from the dawning of time.

    The war being fought on this planet right now is the same war that has been fought since time immemorial, and it is at its core a spiritual war, a war on human consciousness, which is now reaching its culmination as the people of the earth are being foreced to choose once and for all between love or fear, freedom or total enslavement, the path of light or the path of darkness. On the one side you have the human spirit fighting for freedom, seeking to liberate the planet from the myriad forms of instititutionalized oppression which has kept humanity in bondage for centuries and empower humanity, and the way of liberation is the path of service to others. On the other side you have the forces of darkness, those seeking to control, enslave and oppress humanity for their own selfish benefit to the detriment of all life, those who wish to gain and maintain external power through the disempowerment of humanity, and this is the path of service to self.

    "Control through coercion, enslave through deception," this is the way of those on the path of darkness, and has likely never been seen more clear than in the current push to enlsave the planet through the Great Covid Con and associated tyrannical measures. The battle between free will and human choice, and those seeking to remove that choice could not be any more pronounced than it is right now in the face of the mandate madness being rolled out across the planet, and this is but a manifestation of the inner battle between love and fear, light and darkness. According to the 'Law of One', the channeled teachings of Ra, the forces of darkness polarize their energy not through brute force, but rather through convincing the target to voluntarily relinquish their free will and choice. This is exactly what we are witnessing on an unprecedented scale with the mandates, the New World Order using every form of coercion at their disposal to pressure the unwilling into compliance short of direct physical harm such as imprisonment or death.

    Chief among these tactics is the weaponization of fear, and this has been in full force on a scale never before witnessed since the declaration of a global pandemic. Fear is the primary weapon and indisposible tool of the dark side, and it is clear for all to see just how fear has been fully weaponized against humanity over the past 2 years to engineer blind obedience and unquestioned compliance with authority. Fear is of the very lowest energy vibrations on the planet, and it paralyzes those who are under its sway, so it is no surprise that a great many of those who have fallen victim to the spell of fear cast upon the earth are now so caught up in the cult mentality of this new world religion that no amount of evidence, logic, scientific literature, or facts that fly in the face of their dogmatic beliefs will change their mind or cause them to question what the 'experts' claim, even when those same 'experts' have contradicted themselves so many times that they should by now have lost all credibility. Fear is so powerful that those who are bound by it will even cheer on their oppressors and murderers, and the one who is blinded by fear is incapable of seeing that they are being used as pawns in a sick game by powers who do not care about them at all, but are simply using them to advance their own selfish agendas for total control.

    Just as love is the vibration of unity, so fear is the vibration of seperation, and so division is naturally the second primary tactic used by the forces of darkness to maintain control over the minds of the masses. Divide and concquer is the age-old technique used by tyrants and oppressors the world over, and for good reason, because a divided people is a weak people, whereas a united people can never be enslaved. This tactic is most easily observed in the corporate media programming, and has been evident for decades. The primary job of the corporate media programmers, in fact, is to keep the people in a perpetual state of fear and division. Obsession with an external 'enemy' is used to manufacture and perpetuate fear, while keeping the people identified with labels used to turn the people against themselves keeps humanity in a more or less perpetual state of division. The two-party illusion and its partisan politics, religion, race, and nationality are the most common tactics used to successfully divide the populace, with manufactured division between the vaccinated and unvaccinated the latest construct attempting to keep us divided against each other. As long as we see another group of our neighbors as the enemy, we will remain divided and distracted from the true enemy, the forces of darkness which are tirelessly working to enslave us and feed off of our fear. Fear will always serve to divide and keep us in a state of seperation and powerlessness, with love the only power capable of uniting, empowering and thus liberating us from these mental chains of darkness.

    False light, or darkness packaged as our salvation is the 3rd primary tactic used by the powers of darkness to enslave humanity. No tyrant, politician or corporate executive who publicly announced that he wishes to strip the people of their basic human rights, plunder their resources for his own selfish profit, and enslave the planet would have many people lining up as volunteers, but would instead have a revolution on his hands. So the greedy, power hungry entitity instead enslaves the subjects in the name of the 'greater good', of 'national defense', or 'public health and safety'. If the people can be convinced that they may be granted a little temporary safety or security by giving up their rights, they will not only happily do so, but even demand that those rights be forcibly removed from their neighbors as well. This tactic of course can only work if the people are in a state of fear, thus why fear is such a fundamental tool of darkness and human oppression. It is easily seen how this tactic is being widely employed today, albeit not as successfully as in times past, as the fear begins to wear off, the deception becomes increasingly impossible to ignore, with the illusion crumbling before our eyes, as humanity continues to awaken. It is becoming increasingly difficult for the programmers to hide the blatantly deceptive, hypocritical and nonsensical nature of the establishment narrative, so the corporate media desperately fans the flames of division and stokes our fears in an attempt to distract us from their lies, contradictions and hypocrisy.

    Finally, the 4th primary tactic used by the forces of darkness to enslave humanity is the exploitation of our weaknesses, and this is accomplished by keeping us disempowered. Once humanity has become self-empowered, we will no longer continue to seek empowerment through the disempowerment of others, which will lead to unity and strength, increasingly leaving less and less weaknesses for the darkness to exploit. Greed, fear of losing their job, igorance, lack of faith in the divine Power to guide and protect those who stand by their convictions in the face of intense pressure and coercion, and loneliness, are all just some of the prominent human weaknesses being exploited and used against those resisting the current coercion campaign in so many different ways.

    As the war for human consciousness rages on, there has never been a time in human history when the world needed the light of every individual who is not on the path of darkness to shine forth. Many people are still sitting on the fence, far from being in support of the tyrannical agendas being advanced but not yet having taken a strong stand against it, maybe too scared of losing their job or liscenses to practice their profession, or of social isolation, or of being targeted and their reputations ruined by the corporate media presstitutes who are all too willing to engage in the character assassination of anyone who dares to dissent. Now is the time to make a choice, because we have already reached the point where those whose choice is to remain 'neutral' have in fact taken the side of the oppressor. The tyrants march onward, the awakening of humanity continues, and mass noncompliance. Welcome to the Revolution.

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