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    Published on Oct 08, 2022
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    These are some concepts I have jleaned from renowed psychologist Jordan Pertson

    In this video, I want to talk about the lies that people are telling the next generation. The victim narrative. I think it is a common theme in storytelling. It's very important as we have been thought in the literature that stories have to have a protagonist and an antagonist. This is why woke culture keeps pushing this narrative into the heads of young people.

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    The first thing I want to make clear is that there is no tyrannical society with male oppressors and female victims. At least that is not what a perfect society strives to accomplish.

    Society is built on competence or at least that is what it is supposed to be built on.

    Now, this is where people will hate me...and I don't care anymore. If you rate people based on competence for leadership roles men have been historically more capable than women for these roles.

    Take the presidency in this country for example. Many people will say that women can fill the role of a president but if you even try to think about a woman working as hard as Peter might have a headache.

    I know everyone can have their different options about Buhari but think about any woman that could fail and come out as many times as he did and you immediately see a drop in number. But you know men your age who are due hard like see them all around you.

    Most women don't want this role. Did I say all I said most? But there are many men today who are putting in 80 hours a week gunning for the title. They do this day in and day out for years and when they get it you have the guts to call out the patriarchy.

    So that's look around you starting from the phone you hold in your hand to the walls to the roof and the clothes you are wearing. More men were involved in the production and distribution of those goods and services.

    Then you look at security and I know security is terrible by global ratings but most policemen are men.

    Men are interested in protecting and providing.

    If you had a choice between two people a man and a woman to protect your same body weight...unless you are trying to prove a point or you knew something extra about the two of them you'd pick a man.

    For some reason, it has become a bad thing to be a woman and our society tries to push this narrative on younger people. Women are more nurturing and I didn't make it that way...biology did.

    If you had to pick whom you'd leave your child in a daycare centre between a man and a woman who would you pick? Don't you think that man is more of a threat to that child than a woman...the natural choice?

    Because our society is so focused on warping reality than embracing our differences, it keeps pushing this narrative of female protectors and providers and the female lady boss.

    We reduce the physical cut-off for women to join the police and army while all the while saying that we are equal. They'll receive equal pay and when the job demands them to step up to the role they can't.

    Don't you think that puts the men in danger of having a female police officer or member of the army who can't handle physical stress as much as the man can?

    Now I'm not fighting for women to go home and take care of kids. I just want to show the reason why there is patriarchy and stop the oppressor and victim narrative that is so common in our society today.

    Until next time...#peace

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