Opening Up 101 Champion Rewards in Splinterlands EOS!


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    Published on Oct 15, 2023
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    Hello, everyone! One of the many ways you can earn crypto in the play to earn the game Splinterlands is by battling all season long, which is two weeks. Then, by collecting your season-ending rewards, you can earn SPS crypto, NFT, and merits to buy Gladius cases, etc.! You will battle for two weeks straight to get up as high as possible in each ranking and League. The season ended today, on October 15th, and I am here checking my season-ending rewards! 101 Champion League Chests are here for me to open up and see what we get! The great player Mondroid battles on my account and he is amazing! He placed 8th on the leaderboard, winning 60K DEC! What a great player! Check out the pictures below of what we got and of his leaderboard placement! So awesome!


    image (1).png

    Screenshot 2023-10-15 122409.png


    What a nice 101 Champion I League chests I opened up for this season-ending! It has been another stress-free season for me as Mondroid plays on my account. It is awesome! We split the profits 50/50, and he does all the battles, tournaments, etc. Check out the excellent screenshot click and share as shown above from the excellent site below to view the rewards received. By the way, if you are around on Mondays, Wednesdays, or Fridays at 6:00 PM EST join a tournament and livestream of mine.

    There are giveawayn between each round and I also play Marbles sometimes for giveaways too! Marbles is a fun game where you just type !play into the Twitch live chat when I have the Marbles screen up and if you win, you can win a prize! Twitch followers and Subscribers will win a Riftwatcher Night Goul card and Subscribers also get a wheel spin on the wheel! the Prize wheel is featuring a Riftwatcher legendary Mordeus, a Gold Foil Exploding Dwarf, an Alpha Rexxie, DEC, Starbits, and other various Splinterlands NFTs!

    Screenshot 2023-10-15 124815.png

    Join me live on Twitch HERE

    Join the Silver League tournament on Monday, 10-16-23 at 6:00 PM EST for only 1 DEC and KYC verified for no bots, or I should say a limited bot entry lol HERE

    Screenshot 2023-10-15 132420.png

    Join Wednesday's Silver League tournament for only 1 DEC on 10-18-23 at 6:00 PM EST HERE

    Screenshot 2023-10-15 132538.png

    Join the Fierce Friday Silver tournament for only 1 DEC on 10-20-23 at 6:00 PM EST HERE

    Screenshot 2023-10-15 133248.png




    If you do not have time to play Splinterlands or are not that great at it, you can also do what I do and share your posting key with someone and let them play your account. I think I am an okay player, like, I used to get into Champion each season-ending, but then I would just park there as if I didn't, I might end up out of Champion real quick if I keep on playing, LOL! It is frustrating for sure. Recently, I tried battling on my alt account clove71gifts and I had to stay in the wild league as I have no experience playing with all the new cards. Also, I don't have them either on that account. I did rent a few cards and actually made it to Diamond in just a few days.

    So, it is an excellent option for you to have someone who is better than you play like Mondroid is way better than I am, that is for sure! Then, you can sit back and relax the whole season while still earning! It is tough just to make it into the Champion League alone, much less than earning 101 chests too! On my alt account clove71gifts, I play a little all season long and still managed to get in Diamond league but I have to play wild as all the cards are Alpha or Beta mostly delegated from clove71.

    I did rent a few cards for brawling but it was just so hard to get out of bronze so I usually just play in the wild which is funny, I know it is mostly bots in there. It is still fun though but maybe this season I can get started early on Modern in my alt and just go from there. I will need to rent a lot of cards though. Good thing most are pretty cheap now.

    I wish you all luck in your season-ending rewards, and if you did not pull anything too exciting, I hope you do next time! We should all be able to get lucky once in a while and pull something fantastic! Good luck to you! ~@clove71

    I wish you all some great luck from the RNG Gods! I hope you receive something fabulous to put you in a great mood! Have a great day in Splinterlands! ~@clove71


    Spirit of the Forest (835px, 15fps).gif

    Agor Longtail (698px, 25fps) (1).gif

    Cerberus (955px, 23.976fps).gif

    clove71 CL.gif


    **Immortal Gods is now RECRUITING! DM me, clove71#5266, in Discord. If you have an excellent win rate and decent cards, apply at the Guild, OR you can also DM me!

    • Use Your Crypto to buy Bitrefill Items like Twitch gift cards, Amazon, and so many more HERE

    • Use Coinbase to buy Crypto HERE

    • Use Leo Dex to buy cheap packs and DEC HERE

    • At @monstermarket, You Receive 3% Cashback on all card purchases! HERE

    • Check out all their features, like the packs and rewards analyzer HERE.
    • View rewards cards going out of print, get your season report card, and view cards by league cap by the great @kiokizz, who is @splinterstats [HERE]( please show him some Monster love on his recent Splinterlands posts!

    • Want to view Splinterlands stats? Check out @rafalski and his excellent Splinterlands stats HERE, and make sure to show some Monster love on his recent Splinterlands post!

    • Check out @peakmonsters today HERE and all their features!

    My Feral Cat Colony TikTok HERE

    Start Playing Now for FREE!

    TWITCH Live Streams HERE


    Splinterlands Content Twitter HERE

    Splinterlands Discord HERE

    Spanish Community Discord HERE

    Splinterlandsgame IG - HERE

    YouTube Splinterlands Content - HERE

    3Speak HIVE Splinterlands Community - HERE

    I wish you luck in your battles and daily quest loot chests!

    I will see you all on the battlefield!

    May the Monsters be with you.

    Chris Love @clove71

    Follow myself & Goodtrouble on Twitch HERE
    Follow the great @drabs587 on Twitch HERE

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