My Thoughts On Zyvax Vuul and The Recharge Ability


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    Published on Jan 03, 2022
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    Zyvax Vuul…

    For a long time now, I have been wondering how this new legendary dragon splinter card would perform in a real fight. Luckily, I have the chance to see it in action when one of my opponents uses a level 2 Zyvax Vuul in one of my ranked matches. And seeing it in action with my own eyes, I conclude that for a legendary splinter, it’s pretty weak.

    I’m not kidding. Among the splinters with the “Recharge” ability, Zyvax Vuul seemed to be the weakest even if one was to compare with epic cards with the same ability. Yes, I consider this legendary splinter weaker than other non-legendary splinters with the “Recharge” ability.

    Why you asked? Well, it’s because unlike other splinters with the “Recharge” ability, Zyvax Vuul is a ranged attacker which means that it has a chance that it’ll miss, and considering that it could only attack every other turn, that single “miss” could mean the difference between victory and defeat.

    Sure, Zyvax Vuul has 2 base range attacks, coupled with “Recharge”; it means that Zyvax Vuul should be able to do 6 damage every other turn. Sounds great right? Well, yes, if it’s magic damage since magic could never miss and could even bypass armor. Range on the other hand could miss and could NOT bypass armor. This means that if Zyval Vuul misses, it pretty much wasted 2 turns, 3 if one considers the fact that it needed to recharge for another turn just to attack again. The same goes if the splinter it was attacking has 1 armor left.

    So yeah, compared to other splinters with the “Recharge” ability, Zyvax Vuul was pretty weak (and useless). If only they gave Zyvax Vuul “True Shot” so that its attack won’t miss, then it might be a little more useful. But since they didn’t, Zyvax Vuul would not be on the list of legendary cards that I’ll be buying come general sale.

    Now, you might be saying that I’m being too harsh on Zyvax Vuul. But if you watch the video, you’ll understand why I consider it weak, or even useless. In the video, Xyvax Vuul was only able to attack once, and it was even a miss. Certainly, the ruleset (Reverse Speed) had a lot to do with why it missed but even if it didn’t miss, Zyvax Vuul’s attack would still be wasted by my monster’s armor. Moreover, once it missed, Zyvax Vuul was pretty much a sitting duck since it needed to recharge before it could attack again. Unfortunately for Zyvax Vuul; my monsters didn’t give it the chance and were bombarded to oblivion.

    Now, I don’t dislike the “Recharge” ability. On the contrary, I’m very interested in it and think that it has potential so much so that I plan to buy several Ifrit Rising cards when the general sale comes. Speaking of Ifrit Rising, I fought someone using it a month or so ago, and I was very impressed by its performance. Although it could only attack once every other turn, Ifrit Rising was still able to demolish my team. Moreover, since it has pretty high Health, killing it was very difficult.

    Why was Ifrit Rising so effective while Zyvax Vuul was not? Well, the reason was simple: Ifrit Rising uses magic, while Zyvax Vuul uses range. One could never miss and could even bypass armor; the other could miss and CANNOT bypass armor.

    So if you’re interested in the “Recharge” ability and wanted to own a splinter with said ability, then go with Ifrit Rising. Heck, even Temporal Master and Insidious Warlock were much better choices than Zyvax Vuul. Sure, these two epic cards have lower Health and only have base damage of 1 but at least you won’t be wasting turns since they’ll never miss and could even bypass armor.

    Of course, if you really want to use Zyvax Vuul, or if you already have the card, then don’t let my opinion stop you. Although I consider Zyvax Vuul weak, some of you might have a better experience with it. So yeah, just ignore what I’ve said in this post if you like Zyvax Vuul since it’s just the rambling of a player who didn’t have a good first impression of the legendary splinter.

    Anyways, that’s all I have to say about Zyvax Vuul. Thank you for your time.

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